2017 June Holiday Programmes – Math Arena

26 Apr


P5 Fusion Math: Mathlympics Training

10th Annual Mathlympics on 3 Aug 2017: Click here for more info.

Tuesday to Thursday, 30 May to 1 Jun 2017

Time: 10.00 am to 1.30 pm

OR   Tuesday to Thursday  6 to 8 Jun 2017

Time: 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm

Fee: $420

Scope: Number Theory, Geometry, Combinatorics (from past year questions of Annual Mathlympics)

Level: Primary 5

We welcome Primary 4 students to join this training too.  Basic algebra approach to be used to train students.

29 MAY to 23 JUN (3- and 5-Day Program)

For an individual student signing up 1 full course (all 3 or 5 sessions): 10% Early Bird Discount for payment made by 20 May 2017 (Sat). Click here for our latest Jun Holiday schedule. Sign up today!

PSLE A* Achievers

This June, P6 pupils will work on mock papers that comprise of both short and long questions. This is a good time for all pupils to go through a comprehensive revision before the preliminary exams.

As usual, trainer’s explanation of difficult concepts in class is key to helping pupils clarify doubts and misconceptions so pupils are strongly encouraged to ask questions in class.

Practice is the other key ingredient for success in PSLE Math. Hence we are going to have an intensive program that has systematic coverage of PSLE math topics, emphasizes on higher order challenging problems and where pupils’ presentation of solutions will be fine-tuned.

It’s almost the last stretch, boys and girls….. let’s stay focused and push on for the A*!


The Preliminary Round of the National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore is on 28 Jun 2017 (Wed). Top scorers will be invited to the Special Round on 25 Jul 2017 (Tue).

We continue our intensive training to help P4 and P5 pupils in their preparation for the coming NMOS competition. Knowledge, understanding and skills will be built up through active teaching and learning in class.

Working on mock papers will also give pupils more exposure to the topics and questions most relevant to the competition.

P5 Problem Solving Heuristic

Primary 5 is a crucial period of learning for pupils as they head towards their PSLE next year. As essential skills are taught, pupils build up a stronger foundation and their ability and confidence soar.

We see this in pupils who started their P5 year with us, soaring ahead in their P6 year. We are happy for them, especially those who initially came in with low marks and lacked confidence.

As always, trainers will explain strategies in class but pupils’ attentiveness and diligence in practice is still key to their achievements. Time to work hard, boys and girls!

Science Program

The Science program stresses on the content and its delivery in an engaging manner. Hands-on experiments will be carried out during school holiday programs to build up pupil’s experimental knowledge.

Available levels: Primary 4 (Experimental Learning on Matter & Light Energy), Primary 5 (Experimental Learning on Photosynthesis & Respiration), Primary 6 (Intensive Revision for PSLE)

DSA Advance Science P6

This course is offered to prospective P6 students who wish to advance their learning in the Sciences.  Click here to find out more about the MOE DSA-Sec (Direct School Admission) Exercise.  Click here to find out more about the Year 1 selection test to NUS High School (23 Jun 2017).

Available modules in Jun 2017:

Module 1: Biology (5-day Program)

Topics covered include; From Cells to Systems, Diffusion & Osmosis, Enzymes, General Health, Human Anatomy, Genetics & Heredity, Ecosystem

Module 3: Physics/Chemistry (5-day Program)

Topics covered include; Periodicity of Elements, Compounds & Mixtures, Kinetic Particle Theory, Atomic Structure & Chemical Bonding, Common Chemical Reactions, Separation Techniques, Current & Practical Electricity

Should you have any further query regarding registration or lesson schedule, kindly send them to admin@matharena.com.sg.

Our Opening Hours

June School Holidays 2017:

Mondays to Fridays: 9.45 am to 7.00 pm

(Closed on Saturdays and Sundays)

School Term 3 – 4 of 2017:

Mondays to Fridays: 3.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Saturdays: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

(Closed on Sundays, Hari Raya Puasa Day 2 Mon 26 Jun, National Day Wed 9 Aug, Hari Raya Haji Fri 1 Sep, Deepavali Wed 18 Oct)

Strong and Weak Acids have Different Reaction Rates

15 Jun

Magnesium will react with an acid and make hydrogen gas. The more concentrated the acid, the faster the magnesium will react and you will see bubbles of hydrogen being produced more quickly.

A strong acid and a weak acid of the same concentration will react at different rates with the same metal.

More Here with examiner tips.


Limiting Reactants – A Worked Example

4 Jun

Zinc reacts with dilute hydrochloric acid according to the equation:

Zn (s) + 2HCl (aq)      ->       ZnCl2 (aq) + H2 (g)

If 0.05 mole of zinc was added to 0.075 mole of hydrochloric acid,

(a)        identify the limiting reactant;

(b)       calculate the amount (in moles) of the excess reactant which remained unreacted;

(b)       calculate the amount (in moles) of zinc chloride formed.

Solution :

See Here

A visit from our former student …

25 May

CK was a former student of Math Arena. A few weeks ago, he dropped by the centre to visit us. It was such a pleasant surprise!

What surprised me more was that when CK chatted with the tutors that evening, he was articulate, chatty and beaming with confidence. It was a different teenager we saw… we had remembered CK as a quiet and diligent student who at times was struggling to improve in his math in his secondary school years.

Through our lively conversations, we found out that he is truly enjoying his course in Polytechnic and doing well in the Cyber Security course. In fact, CK is one of their top students and selected for a number of special projects in his Poly.

There are many academic pathways and opportunities for students. CK found his.

I hope to chat with more former students.

Sec 4 E. Maths Intensive Rev-Up from 12 Jun to 15 Jun!

22 May

Use the June Holiday to Rev Up for O levels. 

This intensive O Level course will work on topics below with a concise summary.

The students will work on a variety of questions to get them ready for their exams.

Topics for a 4 days intensive course

  • Day 1: Trigonometry formulae, bearings & other applications

  • Day 2: Graph sketching & plotting, graph applications & kinematics

  • Day 3: Circles & Radian Measure, Surface Area & Volume, Congruence & Similarity

  • Day 4: Vectors

    Mon to Thu 12 to 15 Jun

    10 am to 1.30 pm

Latest Schedule on http://matharena-parent.calendarone.com/Mathematics_Fees_Schedule.aspx?termid=18

Fee : $460 (Get 10% E.B.D. for full course payment made by 20 May 2017)

Special Module for Sec 1 & 2 pupils: Clear your doubts clinic on Algebra – June Holidays Programme 2017

19 May

CaptureStudents may have basic errors when manipulating their algebraic problems. Even top students who once scored A-stars and those in IP program find themselves having difficulty and making “careless” mistakes because they may have some mistaken ideas or mis-conceptions. Unable to do difficult problems may be due to inability to handle simple manipulations. For those students aiming to take additional mathematics in Sec 3 & 4, it is highly essential to clear your doubts at the earliest.

This is a coaching class suitable for Sec 1 and 2.

The course is for those who need a stronger foundation and for those who want even higher level of proficiency.

*** Please show us your test papers for an assessment. Tell us your area of weakness if you can.


(1) Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of Negative Numbers;

(2) Addition and subtraction of Algebraic expressions;

(3) Multiplication and division of Algebraic expressions;

(4) Simplifying Algebraic fractions;

(5)Expansion of Algebraic Expressions;

(5) Factorizing Algebraic expressions;

(7) Solving linear and fractional Algebraic equations;

(8) Changing the subject of a formula;

(9) Solving simultaneous linear equations,

Below are Optional (on request for Day 4)

(10) Indices

(11) Solving Quadratic Equations by Factorisation, Completing the Square, and Quadratic Formula.

Wednesday to Friday

10:00 am to 1:30 pm

31-May-17 to 02-Jun-17 $390

Tuesday to Thursday

10:00 am to 1:30 pm

06-Jun-17 08-Jun-17

Tuesday to Thursday

3:00 pm to 6:30 pm

13-Jun-17 15-Jun-17

Fee : $390

Call us at 6781 9325 / 6783 3218 or whatsapp us at 8121 6628 to to register your interest.

Sec 4 Chemistry Workshop: Prepare for Prelims this June Holidays!

19 May

This is an intensive course where pupils will review and apply all concepts learned onto exam questions to prepare themselves for preliminary and O level examinations. 

Option A: 12 & 13 Jun (Mon & Tue) 10 am to 1.30 pm

Option B: 15 & 16 Jun (Thu & Fri) 10 am to 1.30 pm

Option C: 19 & 20 Jun (Mon & Tue) 3 pm to 6.30 pm

Option D: 22 & 23 Jun (Thu & Fri) 3 pm to 6.30 pm

Fee per option: $280

Get 10% E.B.D. for a 2-session payment made by 20 May 2017 (Sat)


There will be a review of core topics learned in schools at Sec 4 level to ensure pupils have a strong foundation before applying concepts onto past year preliminary exam papers.

List of Modules to be covered in this workshop:

  1. Stoichiometry and The Mole Concept (1 session)
  2. Metals (1 session)
  3. Organic Chemistry (2 sessions)
  4. Oxidation and Reduction (1 session)
  5. Electrolysis (1 session)
  6. Acids, Bases and Salts (1 session)
  7. Energy Changes & Rate of Reactions (1 session)

Pupils who join this program will be entitled to these privileges:

One $30 Discount Voucher for Mentoring Sessions in Semester 2 of 2017

WhatsApp us at 8121 6628 or email us at admin@matharena.com.sg to to register your interest.

Sec 3 Chemistry Workshop is back this June Holidays!

19 May

This is an intensive course where pupils will learn and understand the MAIN concepts of Chemistry, in an easy and interesting way 🙂 

Option A: 12 & 13 Jun (Mon & Tue) 3 pm to 6.30 pm

Option B: 15 & 16 Jun (Thu & Fri) 3 pm to 6.30 pm

Option C: 19 & 20 Jun (Mon & Tue) 10 am to 1.30 pm

Option D: 22 & 23 Jun (Thu & Fri) 10 am to 1.30 pm

Fee per option: $280

Get 10% E.B.D. for a 2-session payment made by 20 May 2017 (Sat)


There will be a review of past topics to ensure pupils have a strong foundation before moving forward. They will also have a headstart on new topics (very important to get this concept — Stoichiometry and The Mole Concept, right as early as possible) for the new school term, with extra useful information being taught for better understanding of the Formulation. Pupils will also be coached to work on some O Level problems. This program is also suitable for Sec. 4 pupils who want to have a thorough revision of their Sec. 3 Chemistry topics before the start of the hectic Semester 2, moving on quickly towards the O Level exams.

List of Modules to be covered in this workshop:

  1. Atomic structure (1 session)
  2. Chemical Bonding & Structures of Substances (2 sessions)
  3. Kinetic Particle Theory (1 session)
  4. Compounds, Mixtures & Separation Techniques (2 sessions)
  5. Chemical Formula, Stoichiometry & the Mole Concept (2 sessions)

Pupils who join this program will be entitled to these privileges:

One $30 Discount Voucher for Mentoring Sessions in Semester 2 of 2017

WhatsApp us at 8121 6628 or email us at admin@matharena.com.sg to to register your interest.

PSLE MATH Solution Videos — Sign up for Free

18 May

Go to http://www.learnbrill.com

Choose below.


This course is targeted at Singapore’s primary 4 students and above. Primary 5 students can use this to strengthen their understanding. Useful for paper 1.

Check out the course curriculum

Based on feedback, many parents have used the videos to learn the methods to help their children learn faster.

Math Arena students gain an edge using techniques that we teach here in our videos. These methods provide accuracy and speed of solving. We believe it provides better understanding of their solutions to the questions that they are solving.

Do leave us a review in the course page.

Win STARS — Join our Quiz

15 May


We gave out certificate of award for students who participate in our March Holiday Quiz. STARS have been given out.

We will be having more quizzes. So watch out for more.

2017 Math Arena Video Competition

13 May

For video submission, choose one of the above for the video solution…. of course you can do all 3 (one video — one solution.)

Apart from solving it correctly, we are looking for a clearly communicated solution so that a viewer can understand the solution and learn from it.

You can get your teachers from Math Arena or your friends  or parents to help you out recording your solution.

  1. The figure below is made up of two adjacent squares and a shaded triangle. The smaller square has an area of 16 cm². The larger square has an area of 49 cm². What is the area of the shaded triangle?


This question is suited for P5 students. 

100 STARS for BEST VIDEO solution from a P5 student. P4 student will be awarded 120 STARS. P5/P6 olympiad students, you will be awarded 50 STARS only. P6 students, you will be awarded 50 STARS only.

2. In the diagram, line segment PS has length 4. Points Q and R are on line segment PS. Four semi-circles are drawn on the same side of PS. The diameters of these semi-circles are PS, PQ, QR, and RS. The region inside the largest semi-circle and outside the three smaller semi-circles is shaded. What is the area of a square whose perimeter equals the perimeter of the shaded region?


P6 student should be able to answer this.

100 STARS for BEST VIDEO solution from a P6 student. P4, P5 student will be awarded 120 STARS. P5/P6 olympiad students, you will be awarded 50 STARS only.

3. Capture

Olympiad style question. Divisibility is a popular question. This question is rated intermediate to hard.

200 STARS for BEST VIDEO solution from any student.



You can search more through Google, just type “matharena video”