O’ Level Chemistry School Holiday Class (for Sec 4 in 2023)

22 Nov

What is this?

5-day holiday class for Sec 3 students offering Pure Chemistry (Syllabus 6092)

What topics will be covered?

We will be revising and learning the

  • chemical bonding & structures
  • chemical reactions and calculations involving the Mole concept
  • characteristic properties of acids, bases and salts, and their associated reactions with substances, particularly metals
  • chemical properties of metals, their reactivities and associated reactions

Besides revising topics common in the Sec 3 year, this year-end holiday class is designed to help pupils stay focused on answering structured questions (both short and long).

Topical concepts among learning objectives will be emphasized and the students can work progressively on challenging questions throughout each day.

When is this holiday class?

Monday to Friday

28 Nov to 2 Dec from 10 am to 1 pm

Fee: $600

For registration of school holiday class under our Year End Holiday Program and full semester 1 course (weekly class), you get a one-time 15% OFFER on total fee payment. Terms and conditions apply.

How do I register?

Send us a text to our WhatsApp 8121 6628 to confirm particulars and payment. Alternatively, you can also send us an email to enquiries.maec@gmail.com. We register for you and you can come for holiday class on 28 Nov, that’s it!

Math Arena Enrichment Centre

Tel: 6781 9325, 6783 3218

WhatsApp Text: 8121 6628

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