JC H2 Maths Topic Outline

19 Jul


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Topic Level
Pure Mathematics
Graphing JC1
Functions JC1
Equations & Inequalities JC1
Sequences & Series: Arithmetic (AP) and Geometric (GP) JC1
Sequences & Series: General, Sigma Notation, Method of Differences JC1
Mathematical Induction JC1
Differentiation Techniques JC1
Differentiation Applications JC1
Integration Techniques JC1
Integration Applications JC1
Power Series (Maclaurin) JC1
Differential Equations JC1
Vectors (1) – Basic Concepts, Dot Product & Cross Product JC2
Vectors (2) – Lines JC2
Vectors (3) – Planes JC2
Complex Numbers JC2
Permutations and Combinations JC2
Probability JC2
Discrete Random Variables JC2
Binomial Distribution JC2
Normal Distribution JC2
Sampling Theory JC2
Hypothesis Testing JC2
Correlation & Regression JC2

☺ This is only a typical sequence of topics. Different schools teach them in different orders. Please inform us of your school’s Scheme of Work for Mathematics, if/when available. Our tutor will customise the lessons according your schools’ current and impending topics. If you require revision of previous topics, please inform us also, and we will think of a way to help you.

☺ Our worksheets are carefully designed, based on the latest syllabus and trends of the types of questions, and based on more than 20 years’ experience in diagnosing students’ common difficulties and misconceptions. During lessons, we provide special tips / techniques and problem-solving guidance.

Please inform us of impending school tests and exams. We provide revision sheets, mock tests and mock exams to prepare students to maximise their readiness to tackle the rigour of school summative assessments.


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