3-Day Special Offer for 2022 PSLE Students! (From 24 to 26 Nov Only)

23 Nov

Hi P6 students, congratulations to all who have passed your PSLE! The next chapter of your journey is important to us as well because a good head start in the school holidays will help you to stay focused on a consistent learning track in mathematics within your first two foundation years of secondary school.

In this December school holidays, we will be opening 5-day Sec 1 Math holiday classes for all of you prospective Sec 1 students!

S1 Maths (O’ Level)

Date: 5 to 9 Dec 2022 (Mon to Fri)

Time: 2pm to 5pm

Essential Topics to be covered: https://www.mathshub.com.sg/mathematics/programmes/school-syllabus/secondary-1/

S1 Fusion Math/ Y1 Maths (Integrated Program)

Date: 12 to 16 Dec 2022 (Mon to Fri)

Time: 10am to 1pm

Essential Topics in Integrated Maths: https://www.mathshub.com.sg/mathematics/programmes/fusion-math-2/fusion-math-s2-14-yr-old/

To register either of the above courses, simply send us a text to our WhatsApp at 8121 6628 and we will guide you from there. Alternatively, you can also enquire to register by sending email to us at enquiries.maec@gmail.com.

Click here to view our 2022 Year End Holiday Program Class Schedule!

This 10% offer is exclusive for PSLE students, and applies from 24 Nov to 26 Nov 2022 only! So do take advantage of this 3-day offer!

This offer does not end here!

By joining the above holiday class, students get 15% OFF the first semester full course (from Jan to May 2023) by registering for either Sec 1 Math (IP/ O’ Level) or Sec 1 Science (IP/ O’ Level) weekly class! Other terms and conditions apply.

Click here to view our Weekly Class schedule in Semester 1 of 2023!

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