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What are Key benefits of using this site?

For non-matharena students, they will get to watch math solutions and listen to their explainations. In school because the teacher may go over quickly in their teaching of certain topics or the student may not be always paying attention, you can get valuable help here. By re-watching many different solutions, the student can build up their understanding.

For parents, you can use this to learn and help your child. We know some parents have done so.

For matharena students, there are more practice papers, and this site complements their ongoing lessons by helping them review or advance further in their work. We also add non routine / olympiad questions which might not be always covered in class.

What are some differences from this site compared to others?

First we don’t do bar models for our solutions. Bar models are good for understanding but it gets unwieldy for manuplations. Many math arena students freed from using one size fit all bar models found themselves learning faster and produce solutions quicker and accurately. Some found it liberating when once they thought they were weak in maths because they felt bounded by it while they were other better and faster techniques.

Second, we don’t have endless lecture type videos or notes explaining the basics. We assume the students have such knowledge. Students can always start with the simpler questions. For example a P5 student may watch and learn from P4 videos. They do it in their own time and privacy. Videos are short and crisp and to the point, if not most of us will lose our attention.

What is the best way to quickly boost the student’s ability?

It is about productivity. Because the student has more than one subject, being able to do more with less time is important. If you are not a Math Arena student, combine watching videos with coaching lessons. Also we will be providing priority in answering the student’s math questions when he/she is our subscriber. So you need not be at our centre to have your questions answered.

What is a flipped learning environment ?

Math Arena believes in the flipped classroom environment, that is you can do your learning at home. At your own pace and schedule by learning through our online videos and with our worksheet questions. You can then additionally book coaching lessons with us. Using our videos plus our creative math coaches may provide your child a more custom approach and accommodate his busy schedule, thus a flipped environment for learning.

Why attend Math Arena classes?

Essentially it is a great dynamic environment through teacher interaction and classroom dynamics. Seeing highly motivated individuals in the class spurs one another. Attending our classes provide a disciplined approach in an enriching environment to learn. Class dynamics and rewards (Our Star System) will help in the motivation.

How can I join ?

There is a free sign up and you can join us as a full premium member too.

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  1. haha3822 August 18, 2014 at 8:28 pm #

    Math Arena has a good learning environment and the teachers there are kind, friendly and helpful! If anyone is looking for a place for tuition, this is definitely the best!

    • matharena December 1, 2015 at 11:27 pm #

      Greatly appreciate your comments! So glad we choose to be tutors here:-)

      • matharena December 1, 2015 at 11:29 pm #

        I’m so glad I passed the Math Apt Test and they chose me to teach here!

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