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Question from Weekly Prized Science Hub Challenge (Part 4) : 6 January 2013

(Closing Date: 21 January 2013)

The world is currently facing crucial global warming. One of the causes is an excessive amount of “greenhouse effect”. The greenhouse effect is a process where heat from the Sun is absorbed by ”greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere. It is useful to trap heat and keep the earth warm. However, if there is an excessive amount of greenhouse gases, they will cause the temperature of the Earth to increase even further, affecting the livelihood of living organisms.

(a)       Give 3 examples of greenhouse gases.

Mr. Ang set up an experiment to investigate the greenhouse effect. He used two identical jars containing identical ice blocks but filled with different gases. After placing the two jars in the sun, he recorded the time taken for both ice blocks to melt.

Part 4 Setup


Time taken to melt (minutes)





(b)    (i)  Predict the time taken taken for block B to melt.  Fill in the blank in the table.

        (ii)  Explain your answer. 

Part 4 pictureGoogle Time!

(c)   (i)   Find out which planet is the hottest in our solar system.

        (ii)   Explain why. (Hint: Do you think the hottest planet will have the greatest amount of greenhouse gases ?)

Criteria of Assessment:

1. Hit the right keywords.

2. Phrase the answers correctly.


1. State your name, branch centre, level, time of submission and your instructor’s name.

2. Submit your work via one of the following:

  • Hand it in to your instructor.
  • Send your answer through personal Facebook message to Science Hub. The link : Science Hub on Facebook
  • Email your answer in the form of MS Word / PDF file to devi@sciencehub.com.sg by January 21st!

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