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2022 December Holiday Program – Get Ready for 2023!

27 Oct

Got a Plan? Work with us towards your [ Goal in 2023 ] this coming November – December School Holidays!

Our Year End Holiday Program is back to prepare students for the upcoming school year!

21 Nov to 16 Dec 2022, Mondays to Fridays

Explore courses at our 2022 Year End Holiday Class Schedule!

– Get 10% discount on a full-course payment made by 14 Nov 2022, sign up early!

Hello Students!

School holidays are just around the corner and we are excited to invite you to join our December School Holiday Program because… Learning is inspiring and just like life, we never stop teaching!

What You Can Expect 🙂

  • Concepts taught with worked examples by tutor before students attempt related questions…
  • Materials crafted to enhance creativity in problem solving…
  • Transferable problem solving skills…
  • Lessons made comprehensive for learning!
  • Hybrid lessons are available too!

P6 Problem Solving Heuristic / PSLE A* Achievers (Math)

This course is a head-start in school syllabus P6 math curriculum for prospective P6 pupils. This will be a good time to revise and pick up skills to tackle higher-order challenging heuristic and non-routine problems, getting a competitive edge among your peers before the bustling year begins.

Topics covered include; 4 Operations in Algebraic Expressions, Problems involving Fractions/Ratio/Decimal/Percentage, Circles, Rate & Speed

P4, P5 and P6 Fusion Math (preparing for NMOS/ RIPMWC/ SMOPS)

This enrichment program is structured for students who want to challenge themselves on the advance content in the mathematics discipline and build a versatile skill set in high order problem solving, with objectives to clinch high tier awards in the local Math Olympiad competitions.

Hwa Chong Institution – Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS) – (2022 link) for P5 & P6 students in 2023

Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest (RIPMWC) – (2022 link) for P4, P5 & P6 students in 2023

NUS High School of Math & Science – National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS) for P4 & P5 students in 2023

ACSI Annual Mathlympics for all Singapore Primary Schools – (2022 link) for P4 & P5 students in 2023

Gauss Contest for P3 to P6; Sec 1 & 2 students: May 2023

Australian Mathematics Competition for P3 to P6; Sec 1 to 4 students: Jul/ Aug 2023

Science Program

The Science program stresses on the content and its delivery in an engaging manner. Hands-on experiments will be carried out during school holiday programs to build up pupil’s experimental knowledge.

Available levels: Primary 4 (Experimental Learning on Heat & Light Energy), Primary 5 (Experimental Learning on Electricity), Primary 6 (Experimental Learning on Forces & Energy)

Advanced Science for Competition Training – SPSO P4 & P5 / DSA Advanced Science – P5 & P6

The courses listed are offered to students who will be participating in the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO), as well as prospective P6 students who will be sitting for the Year 1 admission (science) test to NUS High School of Math & Science in 2023. Click here – (2022 link) to find out more about admission to Year 1 (NUS High School of Math & Science). We welcome prospective P5 students to join this program as well, as an early preparation for upcoming written selection test(s) in their P6 year.

NUS High School of Math & Science – Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO) – (2022 link) for P4 & P5 students in 2023

Advanced Science by Topic – SPSO P4 & P5 (2022 Year-End Holiday Training Class)

Range of topics selected: Cell Structure & Organisation, Physiology, Digestive System, Transport in Animals, Science Skills & Methodology, Thermal Properties, Transformation of Matter, Acids & Alkalis, Environment Issues & Technology Development, Reflection & Refraction of Light, Solar System & Planet Earth, Magnetism, Electricity

At Math Arena, content of the DSA Advanced Science course is divided into 2 modules:

Module 1: Biology (5-day Program)

Topics covered include; From Cells to Systems, Diffusion & Osmosis, Enzymes, General Health, Human Anatomy, Genetics & Heredity, Ecosystem

Module 2: Physics (5-day Program)

Physics topics include: Physical Quantities, Measurements & Conversion, Graphs of Kinematics, Mass, Weight & Density, Thermal Energy, Sound Energy, Force & Pressure, Light (Reflection, Refraction, Colours & Lens), Current & Practical Electricity

Module 3: Chemistry (5-day Program)

Chemistry topics include: Periodicity of Elements, Compounds & Mixtures, Kinetic Particle Theory, Atomic Structure & Chemical Bonding, Common Chemical Reactions, Separation Techniques

Should you have any further query regarding registratio

n or lesson schedule, kindly send them to

Our Opening Hours

Year End School Holidays (21 Nov to 16 Dec 2022)

Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Our premises will be opened from 9:45 am onwards(Closed on Saturdays and Sundays, from 17 Dec 2022 till 03 Jan 2023)

Interested in our 2023 School Term Weekly Classes? Check out our 2023 Semester 1 Class Schedule!

– Get 10% discount on a full-course payment made by 05 Jan 2023!

2023 School Terms 1 & 2:

Tuesdays to Fridays from 3 pm to 9 pm

Saturdays from 9:30 am to 6 pm

Sundays from 11:30 am to 6 pm

(Closed on Mondays, Chinese New Year from 21 Jan to 24 Jan 2023, March Holidays from 18 Mar to 19 Mar 2023, Good Friday 07 Apr 2023, Hari Raya Puasa 22 Apr 2023 and Labour Day 01 May 2023)

— updated since 27 Oct 2022

We want to thank parents and pupils who write to us…. you encourage us!

20 Nov


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Thank you for sharing the good news with us!

23 Apr


Our heartfelt congratulations to you for achieving outstanding results in the Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest (RIPMWC). We wish you all the best in striving greater heights in the field of Mathematics!

A Heartwarming Note from a Parent

15 Nov

A parent sent a Thank-You note to one of our trainers.

Students also wrote in their thoughts and feelings about trainers who have been coaching them this entire semester:

Question from Weekly Prized Science Hub Challenge (12 November)

12 Nov

Closing Date: 25 November 2012

Since young, Rayne has a big interest in automotive. He loves collecting various types of car miniatures, starting from racing cars, luxury cars, ambulances, and even military tanks.

To satisfy his interest, his parents brought him to visit their relative who works in an automobile service centre.

While walking around the place, Rayne found a lot of unused bald tyres in one corner.

Motivated by his curiosity, he asked an uncle, “Why were those tyres dumped?”

The uncle explained, “The bald tyres are not safe to be used. Hence, they must be changed regularly with new grooved tyres.”

(a) From scientific views, explain why the grooved tyres are safer to be used compared to the bald tyres (despite of the fact that both tyres are made of the same materials, have the same mass, and have the same volume of air).

(b)  While looking around the factory, Rayne was reminded of how the tyres of military tank are designed differently from the ones of racing cars. The tyres are bundled by sheets of metal.  Based on your knowledge about material, explain why metal is used.


1. Hit the right keywords

2. Phrase the answers correctly


1. Send your answer through PRIVATE FACEBOOK MESSAGE to Science Hub. The link : Science Hub on Facebook

2. Email your answer in the form of MS Word / PDF file to by November 25th!

A warm note from a cool parent who tells us to keep rocking…

25 Oct

This student has been taught by both Ms. Persis and then Mr. Bosco in Sec. 1.



Thank you parent. And yes, we will keep rocking! 🙂

A happy student who has enjoyed our Math Olympiad training in school programme

25 Oct


And she is asking for more! Wow!



Hi ZY, it’s so nice to hear from you though my lessons with your school has ended quite a while now. I hope you do your best and get into P5 Math Olympiad training. Perhaps I’ll see you again or another trainer will be there.
Ms. Phang

A million thanks on a day specially dedicated to teachers…

5 Sep

Teacher’s Day is here and we would like to thank our students for writing Thank You notes to us!

Hello Madam…

24 Aug

This madam is so glad to hear from you!

Thank you for writing in

22 Aug

A parent took the time to write to us recently:

We are glad to know that your child is enjoying and benefiting from our Math and Science classes.

Thank you for telling us.