Coding Courses are back this Year End School Holidays!

29 Oct

Let’s Learn to Code!

8 to 11 December and

15 to 18 December 2020

Back again in Math Arena, we are running coding courses for students age 8 and above with experienced trainers!

Click here for our 2020 Year End Holiday Program Schedule!

Why Should I Join?

  • Easy to Learn

  • Enhance Creativity

  • Transferable Problem Solving Skills

  • Equipment and Notes provided

Compulsory Coding Enrichment School Classes in AY2020

These coding courses are available for a limited period of time only, so do take some time off this school holidays to enrich yourselves and join us on the learning journey!

Let’s Start from SCRATCH (Recommended for Ages 8 to 11) – Scratch is a visual coding software that enables users to utilize media to construct and customize activities, animations, games and many more.

Learn skills such as Creative Thinking, Effective Communication, Systematic Analysis and Design Thinking. Click on the PDF link to find out more! <pdf>Sc100 Let’s Start from Scratch (FAQs included)

Machine Learning for Kids (Recommended for Ages 11 and above) – Machine Learning involves a set of methods that allows computers to take charge of decisions without guidance. This course introduces basic concepts in Machine Learning using ScratchX and Python.

Use Machine Learning in open-ended projects to your advantage. Teachers can also craft learning content for coding lessons. Click on the PDF link to find out more! <pdf>ML100 Machine Learning for Kids (FAQs included)

Everyone can Code with Python (Recommended for Ages 11 and above) – Python has always been one of the most popular coding languages to date and is popular among beginners due to its comprehensive structure of statements in a programming language.

Pick up useful your problem solving skills and concepts in coding. Click on the PDF link to find out more! <pdf>Py100 Everyone can Code with Python (FAQs included)

Computational Thinking with Python (for ages 11 and above) – This is an advanced course for pupils who have completed the basic Python Py100 course. Designed with challenge-based activities, this course is suitable for beginner programmers who want to improve their coding skills and enhance creativity in problem solving.

Click on the PDF link to find out more! <pdf>Py200 Computational Thinking with Python (FAQs included)

Got more questions about the coding courses? Feel free to send us a WhatsApp text (8121 6628) or email us to and we will get back to you ASAP 🙂

Centre Updates

21 Aug


It is clear that our students prefer to be taught in a physical classroom. It is nice to see their happy faces. Safe distancing and safety measure are being practised. Parents no longer wait in the centre and student numbers per class are usually small.

We do offer remote lessons when students are unable to attend the lessons and some lessons are conducted remotely.

Our star reward system remains very popular with students. They can exchange the stars for prizes.

Do contact us by whatsapp as we can track your enquiry easier and reply to it.


Bonus FRP Question for our Students

14 Apr


Nordin used 996 balloons to decorate a rectangular field. He placed each balloon, spaced equally from each other, to form the perimeter of the rectangular field. The number of balloons on the length of the field was 4 times the number of balloons placed on the breadth of the field. How many balloons did Nordin place along the length of the rectangular field?

Securing Video Conference Meeting Lessons

11 Apr


Teachers are teaching from home. We are using the pro version of the video conference service. We have put in place security measures to prevent uninvited intruders.

As we continue our lessons remotely, we hope the experience gets better and better. Do sign in to Google classroom by our invites.

Home Based Learning – All Levels

9 Apr


The pictures above are Matharena teachers conducting remote lessons. Now all are at home conducting lessons. We have incorporated Google classroom into our delivery.

Lesson worksheets will be placed there, answers to your extra queries will be uploaded and selected recorded lessons will be uploaded so you can review it again.

Lessons continuing remotely

3 Apr


We have started remote lessons on Saturday 28 March.

We have started with the upper primary and secondary students. It has been almost smooth sailing after the students and the teachers got used to Zoom. We will be exploring more tools and introduce more elements in our pedagogy. This will evolve in time.

We do appreciate feedback as to how we can improve the experience.


Lessons Suspended from Tomorrow, 26th Mar till 30th Apr 2020

25 Mar

Dear Parents and Students,

Given the latest advisory issued by the Ministry of Health, we will be suspending all lessons with effect from Thu, 26 Mar (tomorrow) to Thu, 30 Apr 2020.

More Info — Covid-19: Tuition Classes Suspended

Prior to this measure taking effect, the final ongoing lessons will be on 25 Mar 2020 (today). Should there be no further extension of the measures taken by the Government after 30 Apr, we will be replacing all affected weekly lessons from 25 May to 26 Jun 2020 in order to avoid disruption of the curriculum for the rest of the year. We will also reserve details of the replacement lesson arrangements till further notice.

We hope that you take your own everyday precautions to keep yourselves safe. Take care!

Math Arena Enrichment Centre

List of Precautionary Measures to be Taken: Let’s Be Safe!

23 Mar

Dear Students, kindly follow the precautionary measures below when attending lessons here at Math Arena:

  1. Please wash your hands with hand soap available at the water basin before proceeding to classroom downstairs for your lesson. Hand sanitizers are available for use in the centre.
  2. Fill in the travel declaration form to declare (once) and sign if you have not done so.
  3. Before every lesson that you are attending, measure your own body temperature and record it on the temperature record form (same form as time sheet).
  4. If your body temperature is higher than 37.5°C, you are required to wait for another 5 minutes before a second measurement. If the second measurement is still higher than 37.5°C, you are required to leave the centre and head home immediately.
  5. If you are coughing (dry or wet), a surgical mask is compulsory and is to be worn at all times in the centre.
  6. Record down your time-in and do remember to write down your time-out before leaving the centre.
  7. At the start of every lesson, your tutor will be assigning the seats to ensure minimum contact between you and your classmate(s).
  8. Before the end of every lesson, you are required to use sanitary wipes to clean your respective area of use on class table and chair before the next class starts.
  9. If you are attending two lessons on the same day or will be studying here for at least 2 hours, do ensure that your hands are washed with hand soap for at least the second time.
  10. If you are using a plastic cup for drinking plain water, you are required to wash the plastic cup with dishwashing soup at the water basin upstairs.
  11. Do take your own everyday precautions to maintain space between yourself and others. You may wish to wash your hands with hand soap at the wash basin again before leaving the centre.

Note that if you are not feeling well*, whether or not you have sought medical help from a doctor, you should be staying and resting at home. If any of the above measures is/are not properly taken, our staff and tutors reserve the right to request you to leave the centre immediately.

*onset symptoms of flu, dry or wet cough, runny nose, temperature higher than 37.5°C


Note to all Parents:

  1. Please refrain from waiting for your child at the lounge area outside the classrooms to avoid crowding as much as possible.
  2. If you intend to wait outside our centre before your child’s lesson ends, you may wish to notify us via WhatsApp text so that our staff is aware and will remind your child to leave the centre immediately after the lesson.
  3. If it is necessary to accompany your child to his/her classroom or visit us at the front desk, please wash your hands with hand soap available at the water basin before heading downstairs.
  4. To parents who will be fetching their child after lesson(s), we strongly encourage you to do so punctually. You may ask us via WhatsApp if you are not sure what time your child’s lesson officially ends. (Our tutors will not extend any lesson unnecessarily.)
  5. Do take your own everyday precautions to maintain space between yourself and others.

Image result for hygiene practice

Let’s stay hygienic and cooperative in order to overcome the adversity together!

Happy Lunar New Year!

25 Jan

Dear Parents and Students,

There is no lesson from 24 to 29 Jan (Friday to Wednesday) as Math Arena will be closed from the eve to day 5 of the Lunar New Year month. We will resume lessons from next Thu, 30 Jan 2020 onwards.

Wishing all an abundance of good health and prosperity in the Year of the Rat!  賀歲迎春,吉祥如意!

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Contact us by WhatsApp

14 Jan
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Do contact us by sending your messages to us by WhatsApp if you cannot reach us by phone. It is very likely we are in the classroom.

Contact us by WhatsApp using this number 81216628.