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2014 June Holiday Program Highlights

2 May

PSLE A* Achievers

This June, P6 pupils will work on mock papers that comprise of both short and long questions. This is a good time for all pupils to go through a comprehensive revision before the preliminary examinations.

As usual, trainer’s explanation of difficult concepts in class is key to helping pupils clarify doubts and misconceptions so pupils are strongly encouraged to ask questions in class.

Practice is the other key ingredient for success in PSLE Math. Hence we are going to have an intensive program that has systematic coverage of PSLE math topics, emphasizing on higher order challenging problems and where pupils’ presentation of solutions will be fine-tuned.

It’s almost the last stretch, boys and girls….. let’s stay focused and push on!

High Achiever Science

Once again, Science Hub will be conducting quality and interactive Science courses during the mid-year holiday at Tampines. Our focus is on lively hands-on approaches in helping P4 to P6 pupils find out concepts in relevant topics through exploration.

Revision through simulated mock papers will be covered in the PSLE High Achiever Science course this June, focusing primarily on answering open-ended questions with correct keywords and phrasing structure.

For the P4 and P5 High Achiever Science courses, there will also be experiments to enhance their understanding and grasp concepts fully. To find out more about programs of Science Hub, please click here.

Fusion Math

The Preliminary Round of the National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS) is on 2nd July 2014, Wednesday. Top scorers will be invited to the Special Round on 26th July 2014, Saturday. More details can be found at the NUS High School NMOS Website.

We continue our intensive training to help P4 and P5 pupils in their preparation for the coming NMOS competition. Knowledge, understanding and skills will be built up through active teaching and learning in class.

Working on mock papers will also give pupils greater exposure to the topics and questions most relevant to the competition.

This June Holiday, we open special classes for Secondary 1 students who are keen to prepare themselves for the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Junior) competition, and also Secondary 2 students who wish to continue training for the SMO Senior competition at upper secondary levels.

DSA Advanced Science

This course is offered to P6 students who wish to advance their learning in the Sciences.  Click here to find out more about the MOE DSA-Sec (Direct School Admission) Exercise.


At Math Arena, the content of the DSA Advanced Science course is divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1: 2013 Year-End Holiday Program (5 lessons)

Phase 2: 2014 Semester 1 Weekly Class (11 lessons)

Phase 3: 2014 June Holiday Program (5 lessons)

June Holiday DSA Advanced Science Syllabus

1. Genetics and Heredity

2. Chemical Changes

3. Separation Techniques

4. Electricity

P5 Problem Solving Heuristics

Primary 5 is a crucial period of learning for pupils as they head towards their PSLE next year. As essential skills are taught, pupils build up a stronger foundation and their ability and confidence soar. Find out more about school syllabus topics covered for our P5 Heuristics class here.

We see this in pupils who started their P5 year with us, soaring ahead in their P6 year. We are happy for them, especially those who initially came in with low marks and lack confidence.

As always, trainers will explain strategies in class but pupils’ attentiveness and diligence in practice is still key to their achievements. Time to work hard, boys and girls!

Latest June Holiday Program Schedule 

Should you have a question because you are unsure about the schedule or which classes are available ? And if you have anything else you might want to ask …

Call us! Speak to Doris. Phone: (Office) 67833218 / 67819325

You can drop us a SMS with your question at 81216628 and we will get back to you ASAP.

You can always email us too :  admin@matharena.com.sg

PSLE-Problem Sums that most P6 pupils stumble over – Part 7

14 Jul

Hi all P6 pupils, the questions of Part 7 can be found by clicking the link below.

PSLE Part 7 (Questions)

Look through them before coming to class and we will discuss the solutions.


Check your answers!

1. 12 days

2. $648

3. 88

4. 236

5. 2.187 cubic metres

6. (a) Mrs Tate, $740 more ; (b) $1680

7. 198

8. (a) 794 ; (b) 1 956 416 square centimetres

9. Brandon 36 min ; Carell 45 min

10. (a) 6.50 p.m. ; (b) 16 : 9

11. (a) $55 200 ; (b) 80

12. 86%

Part 7 Full Solution Set (12 Questions)


Click here to check out more questions from Part 1 to Part 6 (for PSLE Math)!

Check out our Weekly Math Questions too!


For classes at Math Arena , call us at 6783 3218 / 6781 9325 / 8121 6628 or email to us at admin@matharena.com.sg.

Primary 3 Science Class in Semester 2

12 Jul

Math Arena will be opening a P3 Science class on Wednesdays, 7 – 8.45pm. The first lesson will commence next Wednesday, 17 July 2013.


Topics covered in Term 3 include Systems: Human and Plants. Revision of P3 school syllabus Science will begin in Term 4 (right after September Holiday).

Venue: Math Arena

Course Fee: $525 (15 lessons)

Lesson Dates:

July 17, 24, 31     August 7, 14, 21, 28

September 4, 18, 25    October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Click here to find out more about programs from Science Hub.

Should you have any enquiry regarding time schedule or course registration, please feel free to call to speak to Doris or Bosco at 6783 3218 or SMS 8121 6628, or simply email us at admin@matharena.com.sg.

PSLE-Problem Sums that most P6 pupils stumble over – Part 2

8 Jun

Here are various 2010 Math Prelim questions.

Do try them before checking on the worked solutions.

We will go through more of them in class.


Question 1

Water from 3 taps was used to fill an empty tank. Tap A, B and C could fill the tank completely in 3 hours, 4 hours and 5 hours respectively.

(a) What fraction of the tank was filled with water after half an hour when all taps were turned on at the same time?

Now only Tap A and B were both turned on to fill another empty tank. After 20 minutes, Tap C was also turned on. Both Tap A and B were turned off at the same time after turning on for an hour and only Tap C was left to fill the tank completely.

(b) How much longer would Tap C take to fill the tank completely with water after Tap A and B were turned off?


Question 2

Rainy and Minnie had 1260 beads altogether. Rainy gave 2/3 of her beads to Minnie. Minnie then gave 3/8 of her beads to Rainy. Finally, they had the same number of beads. How many more beads had Rainy than Minnie?


Question 3

Kaylene was asked to number the pages of a book. When she had numbered the last page, she had counted a total of 822 digits.

(a) How many 3-digit numbered pages were there?

(b) What is the last page of the book?


Question 4

Mei and Jane bought a camera and a watch each. Mei spent ½ of her money on the camera and ¼ of the remaining money on a watch.

(a) What fraction of her money did Mei spend?

Jane spent 3/5 of her money on a camera. Her camera cost $280 more than Mei’s camera. They paid the same amount for their watch and had the same amount of money left.

(b) How much money had they altogether at first?



Question 5

Mom bought some muffins and tarts in the ratio 4:5. Each muffin cost $2.80. Each tart was $1.90. After giving away 5/8 of the muffins and 144 tarts, the ratio of the remaining items was 3:2.

(a) Find the total muffins and tarts left.

(b) How much more did the muffins cost than tarts?


Question 6

Jay and Wei bought the same type of notebooks. Jay bought a few for $80. Wei enjoyed a discount of 20% and bought 4 more notebooks than Jay with the same amount of money. Find the usual price of one notebook.

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New! What is Mathematical Olympiad Training Course (MOT)?

28 May

What is Mathematical Olympiad Training Course (MOT)?

MOT is a structured course for students who are interested to enrol in Mathematical Olympiad training. The course aims to build a strong foundation in Mathematical Olympiad topics and equips students with the necessary skills needed to tackle Mathematical Olympiad questions.

Who can participate in MOT?

MOT is targeted at students aged 9 years and below. Students aged 8 years and below are required to pass a Modular Diagnostic Paper (MDP) in order to enter MOT.  MDP will test topics related to the four operations (+, –, ×, ÷) and simple fractions (equivalent fractions, addition and subtraction of fractions). This is to ensure that students have the necessary foundation to be able to cope in MOT. The duration of the MDP is 1½ hour, chargeable at $20.

Entry age for new students

Join before TERM 3

Age  Pre-requisite Course to enter

If your child is

8 years old or younger MDP MOT 1
9 years old MOT 2

Join in TERM 3

Age Pre-requisite Course to enter

If your child is

7 years old or younger MOT 1
8 years old MDP MOT 2
9 years old NMOS 1

Join after TERM 3

Age Pre-requisite Course to enter

If your child is

7 years old or younger MDP MOT 1
8 years old MDP MOT 2
9 years old NMOS 1

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Primary 5 — Important Preparation Year for PSLE

17 May

Primary 5 is a crucial year for PSLE preparation.

(Though we did receive pupils coming in P6 which was especially memorable as those students joined us when we started at Bedok; I really enjoyed teaching them  and was relieved and happy that they did very well.)

As much as possible, we would also teach pupils all the key concepts that is essential for Primary6.

By this time, the students would be taught more advanced methods and not rely only on bar models and guess and check method, which may not be efficient for solving complex PSLE problems.

Thank you for your encouragement

30 Apr

Over the years, I have parents calling us with nice words of appreciation.

Such words, make teaching a joy. Their  encouragement tells us that we are doing the right thing — doing this work.

Some have emailed me, but this is the first time I have a parent penned her thoughts in such detail. Thank You.

Although it smacks of self promotion, i hope the parent doesn’t mind and readers would find it alright. I have removed all names.

Here is the letter:

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