No. Question Answer Category
1 What is IQ Mathematics Program? The IQ Maths Program is an integrated program designed to instill interest in Mathematics. The program is formulated for K1-P2 students and not only consists of worksheets but also involves hands-on activities such as games, tangram models and origami, to make every lesson fun and enriching. IQ Maths
2 What is the difference between Syllabus Maths and Competition/Olympiad Maths? Our Syllabus Maths program covers questions and topics aligned with the school syllabus. Syllabus Maths classes makes school topics easy to understand, and helps to strengthen students’ Problem Solving skills. Competition/Olympiad Maths classes cover topics outside of school syllabus, and is aimed to prepare students for Maths Competitions, such as the SMOPS, NMOS, SMO competition and other competitions. Competition Maths; Syllabus Maths
3 Do you accept Credit Card payment? No, currently we only accept payment by NETS, cheque or cash. Fees-related
4 My son/daughter is only coming in now, but the class already started a few weeks ago, do I still have to pay the full sum for the term? We can pro-rate the fees accordingly, you do not have to pay the full sum for the term. However, if you would like to have the worksheets that was covered in the earlier lessons that he/she has missed, you would have to pay for the full term. Fees-related
5 Can my child go for a trial lesson? Yes, we only allow one trial lesson and you have to pay for it. Subsequently, if your child is interested to continue, you may pay the remaining fees for the term. If, after the first trial lesson, you prefer to pay lesson by lesson, an additional $10 is chargeable per lesson (eg. if each lesson is $40, you will have to pay $50 for each lesson). Fees-related; General enquiry
6 Is there a pre-requisite to enter Competition-level classes? As a general guideline, students who would like to attend Competition/Olympiad classes should have scores of above 85 in their school mathemathics examination. For those below this mark, we recommend these students to attend our Syllabus program, to build on their foundation and strengthen their maths concepts. Competition Maths
7 If, for this week, my child cannot make it for his/her usual class, will there be a make-up class or can he/she come to a class that is held on another day of the week? No, our Terms and Conditions clearly state that there are no make-up/replacement classes if a child has missed his/her class. However, the child may collect the worksheets that he/she has missed, and try to do the worksheets at home. For those questions that the child has difficulty, he/she may arrange a time before or after the next class to check with the instructor. Or, he/she can arrange to come any day during our Maths Coaching sessions (Mon-Fri, 4pm-6pm) to consult any of the instructors available. (Please call our office to arrange). General enquiry
8 My child is not attending classes at Maths Hub, can he/she still register for Maths Competition via Maths Hub? Yes, non-students may also register with us for Maths Competitions, provided the child is eligible for the competition and that the competition is among the list of competitions that we provide registration. Competition Maths
9 My child is no longer able to attend his/her usual class, can he/she change to another timing/day? You may change timing/day once, provided it is permanently for the rest of the term. We strongly discourage students from changing classes for more than once, because different classes would have different learning pace, which they may find difficult to cope with. General enquiry
10 My child’s school is organising classes conducted by Maths Hub, but my child is already attending classes at the Centre. So is there a need for my child to attend the school’s Maths Hub course? Your child may attend both the Centre and school classes. We would have different sets of worksheets for both school and centre, in order to help our students to reinforce their concepts.  Classes in the centre, however, would have a lower teacher-student ratio, hence allowing our instructors to  better monitor the progress of each student. Competition Maths; Syllabus Maths
11 My child finds his/her competition class too difficult, can I transfer my child to the Syllabus (eg. Problem Solving Heuristic) class? Yes, it is possible to transfer your child from the Competition class to the Syllabus class (provided there is vacancy for the slot that you choose). However, if there is any positive difference in fees from the transfer, this amount will be recorded in our database as credit for your child for next term’s classes. Competition Maths; Syllabus Maths
12 My child is in Sec 2, and is very strong in his/her Maths (eg. School marks 90 and above). Should he/she join SMO (Junior) class or Sec 2 Competition class? If your child has participated in the SMO competition and achieved a bronze or better, he/she should join the Sec 2 Competition class. If your child has no prior experience in SMO competition, it would be advisable to put him/her in the SMO (Junior) class instead. Competition Maths
13 My child is in Sec 1, and is very strong in his/her Maths(eg. School marks 90 and above). Should he/she join SMO (Junior) class or the S1 Advanced Maths class? SMO(Junior) is to prepare students for the SMO Competition while the S1 Advanced Maths class is to help IP students with their syllabus maths in school. Depending on your child’s interests, he/she can take up either class or both of the classes. Competition Maths
14 Can I transfer my child from one branch to another? No, we do not allow our students to transfer from one branch to another. It would be difficult for our instructors at different branches to monitor your child’s progress. Furthermore, classes at different branches would not be on the same pace due to different start dates. It would be advisable to switch to another branch before the start of the next term. General enquiry
15 How do I get feedback on my child’s progress? You can look for your child’s instructor before or after the class to get feedback on your child’s progress. If you are not able to make it during these hours, you can call our centre to speak to your child’s instructor during non-peak hours. Math Arena extra answer : do email us and we can get back to you too. General enquiry
16 Is there any discount if I sign up for 2 or more children or if my child signs up for more than one Maths class? Yes, we do have a 5% discount if you sign up for 2 or more children or for children who sign up for more than one Maths class. However, that is only applicable if you pay for the full term fees for all of your children in one payment. Fees-related
17 How long does the competition classes last? For P3, P4 and P5, competition classes would be throughout the year. For P6 competition classes, it would only be up till May. Thereafter, they would carry on with our A* Achiever programme until PSLE. Competition Maths
18 What if the available class timings do not fit into my child’s schedule? You can call our centre to inform of your preferred timing or day. We will keep a record your preferred timing and contact other interested parents. If there is good response, and there are instructors and classrooms available, we may start a new class. This will be on a best effort basis, and Maths Hub reserves the right to not start the new class if response is low. General enquiry
19 When are the competition dates? Different competitions have different dates each year. We can only tell you the expected competition dates. Competition Maths
20 Are the holiday’s classes a repeat of lessons taught during school term? No, lessons during the holiday would not be the same as school term. Our instructors would use the school holiday to reinforce their concepts and challenge them with harder questions. Instructors may also decide to start on topics for the next term. General enquiry
21 Why are there different classes for primary level syllabus maths? We group students according to their abilities, so that they share the same pace as their classmates. Our worksheets are also specifically-tailored to the abilities of different classes. Syllabus Maths
22 What is the maximum class size for every class? Our maximum class size varies for different level. It depends on the students and our classroom sizes. General enquiry
23 Is there any registration fees/ admin fees? There will be no registration fees/ admin fees. You only have to pay for the class fees. Fees-related
24 What is Competition Maths Coaching/Syllabus Maths Coaching? Maths Coaching is on Monday to Friday, 4-6pm. There will be one instructor to every four students. It is for students who want to bring their own materials to seek help or have doubts in certain topic. We can also provide the necessary materials for the students. Students who find that they are unable to sign up for regular classes, can also choose to join our Maths Coaching. Fees are applicable. Competition Maths; Syllabus Maths
25 My child finds his/her Competition class too difficult, can I transfer my child to the Syllabus (eg. Problem Solving Heuristic) class? Yes, it is possible to transfer your child from the Competition class to the Syllabus class (provided there is vacancy for the slot that you choose). However, if there is any positive difference in fees from the transfer, this amount will be recorded in our database as credit for your child for next term’s classes. Competition Maths; Syllabus Maths
26 If my child registers for classes at both Science Hub and Maths Hub, is there a discount? No, currently we do not offer such a discount. However, we do have a 5% discount if you sign up for 2 or more children or if your child sign up for more than one Maths class. This is only applicable if you pay for the full term fees for all of your children in one payment. Fees-related
27 My child has some fees credit over at Science Hub, can I transfer the fees to Maths Hub to attend Maths classes? No, we do not allow transfer of fees from Science Hub to Maths Hub or vice versa. Fees-related
28 My child has some fees credit over at one of Maths Hub’s branches, can I transfer the fees to another branch? No, we do not allow transfer of fees from one branch to another branch. Fees-related
29 I want to prepare my child for DSA (Direct School Admission). Which classes should my child sign up for? We currently do not have Maths classes specifically for DSA. However, students who score well for Maths Competitions (eg. SMOPS and SMO, NMOS, etc) can consider using their results/certificates to apply for DSA into their preferred schools (subjected to the school’s decision). At Maths Hub, we provide Competition classes that prepare students for such Maths competitions. General enquiry
30 Is there any extra material that I can purchase for my child to prepare for his/her Maths Competition? Yes, we do have past year papers/booklets/ten-year series for a number of Maths Competitions. Please refer to our counter staff to enquire/purchase. General enquiry

9 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Agnes Wee October 19, 2010 at 8:43 am #


    Would like to enquire for my boy age 6, who is going to Pri 1 next Jan 11:-

    1. What type of class in your school is suitable for his age?

    2. Is there a lot of assignments to be done?

    3. Does the school teaches concept and maths fundamentals? or coaches based on assignments?

    Hope to hear from you soon, thanks.

    Best Regards,

  2. Agnes Lim November 3, 2010 at 2:59 pm #

    My daughter is progressing to P3 next year (2011).
    1. I am reviewing if I should sign her up for the Syllabus Maths and/or Olympiad Maths? I am concerned that by signing her up on the latter, she may miss-out the normal school curriculum/syllabus. Please advise.
    2. I realized that you only have a slot (Wed evening) for the P3 Syllabus class. Are you opening up another class on Sat morning?

    Kindly advise.
    Agnes Lim.

  3. Math Arena November 3, 2010 at 5:43 pm #

    Hi Agnes,

    Generally, if a child is keen in math and is coping well with school syllabus math, Olympiad Math can further enhance her interest in math through challenges.

    At the moment, our P3 Maths class is on Wednesday in Term 1 next year. When we can gather a group of 3 pupils, we can arrange to open up a class on Saturdays.

  4. Lim Mei Ling November 17, 2010 at 6:33 pm #

    My son is sitting for his PSLE next year. He didn’t do well in his Math this year, 29/100. Should I sign him up for individual tutoring or can I still sign him up for the Saturday PSLE A* Achievers class.

    Kindly advise. Thank you so much.


  5. matharena November 19, 2010 at 12:55 am #

    Dear Mei Ling,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Individual coaching is where the lesson can be customized/tailored to your child’s needs for clarification. When his doubts are clarified, he can join in a regular class.

    You can also consider putting him in our year end holiday class to start him off on the various methods of solving questions. He will also learn new topics on Algebra, Circles and Speed. This gives him a head start before the hectic P6 year begins in Jan 2011.

    Do call us so we can address your concerns about your child.

  6. Cecilia November 21, 2011 at 10:39 am #

    My son will be in P5 next year and he started his primary education here in Singapore only last year in P4. The first 3 years of his elementary education was in an international school in overseas. We were the ones who coach him during these period, but no longer can cope with the difficult questions especially ‘modeling’. He has never been to any private nor group tuition before.

    My question is whether we should try him with the competition math or the syallabus math or the coaching math (mon-fri 4 to 6pm) first?

    His P4 SA2 math is 96%.

    Thank you.

    • Math Arena November 22, 2011 at 5:31 pm #

      Dear Cecilia,
      Since your son is already scoring high marks for his math exam, it is your choice whether to place him in a class that focuses on school syllabus math, that helps strengthen his problem solving skills or in a class where he is taught topics outside school syllabus with the intention of preparing him for math olympiad competitions.

      Do call us so we can answer your questions in more details.

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

  7. iamconfuse March 14, 2012 at 5:49 pm #


    I am interested in signing my daughter p4 for the Nmos1, in preparation for the Nmos competition this July 2012. However, I am not sure if the school is able to prepare her sufficiently cos I believe the class has already started this early year.

    The competition involves questions on percentage, average, rate and others…however, she has yet been taught in school. Though I did go thru with her briefly. I am not sure if the topics covered for Term 1 in your centre is sufficient enough for her to sit for the competition. Please advise:>

    Her average Math score is around 90+-

    Appreciate your reply. Thanks.

    • matharena March 15, 2012 at 10:18 am #

      Dear parent,

      In math olympiad class, pupils are learning topics and concepts ahead of or beyond what they learn in school syllabus math.

      To help pupils prepare for NMOS, the key is exposure to various concepts, imparting skills and practice. All these take time to do and will eventually build up their knowledge.

      More topics are being covered in Term 2, followed by Mid-Year holiday program.

      Do give us a call if you are interested in our NMOS training for your child.

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