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Hello Madam…

24 Aug

This madam is so glad to hear from you!

Thank you for writing in

22 Aug

A parent took the time to write to us recently:

We are glad to know that your child is enjoying and benefiting from our Math and Science classes.

Thank you for telling us.

Thank you for sharing the good report with us…

26 Jul



It’s really a splendid achievement and we are all proud of your success.

Note of Thanks…

20 Jun

Another feedback received from a parent on our trainer Mr Lee.

Mr. Lee has been teaching Olympiad Maths to both Primary and Secondary school pupils for the last 3 years.

His students appreciate him for his patient and cystal clear explanation of difficult math concepts and his great humour!

Students’ diary to teacher…

11 Jun

Its great to receive words of appreciation from those you teach.

Every small note like these will always brighten up our day.

Thank you for your kind words…

3 May

We are touched when parents tell us we have been of help to their children, like this parent just did yesterday.

Your child’s hard work and good attitude has brought him thus far and I am happy to be his teacher!

A note from a parent

2 May

Another note of encouragement came in recently. Thank you!

This time it was via SMS from a parent, giving feedback on our new trainer, Mr. Wang.

Like many of us, Mr. Wang recieves his training from Maths Hub (which is always on-going…. thank you, Michael) and has begun teaching at our centre.

I am happy that pupils are bonding well with him and many appreciate his clear explanation of concepts.