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Percentage Questions

7 May

The total price for 3 items A, B, C is $106. Suppose that A cost 20% more than B while B costs 25% less than C. Find the Value of C.

Mr Chong had some stars. He gave 1/8 of his stars to the first student and 20% of the remaining stars to the second student .Then he distributed the remaining stars equally to the remaining 8 students. If the remaining 8 students received 7 stars each, how many students did he have at first?

A computer shop buys speakers from its supplier for $X each, and earns a profit of 50% for each speaker. During a sale, the shop decides to offer 20% discount off the selling price and the discounted price is $24. Find the percentage of profit earned for each speaker sold during the sale.

Question from Nicholas

5 May

The figure below shows 3 different triangles, A, B and C. 3/10 of A and 40% of C are shaded.  The shaded area of A is the same as the shaded area of C.  What fraction of the figure is unshaded if 80% of B is shaded? (Leave your answer in its simplest form.)



Please click the following link for suggested solution: Question from Nicholas 05.05.14

Question from Renee

4 May


Mrs Ho bought some cakes for the children in an orphanage.  The girls received twice as many cakes as the boys.  There were as many boys as girls in the orphanage.  Each boy ate 4/9 of a cake and they finished all the cakes given to them.  Each girl ate 3/4 of a cake and they had 3  3/4 cakes left.  How many cakes did Mrs Ho buy for the children?

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Questions from Joelle

4 May

1. The ratio of the number of Helen’s coloured pencils to the number of Yvonne’s coloured pencils was 3 : 5 at first.  After each of them had received 45 coloured pencils, Helen had 5/8 as many coloured pencils as Yvonne.  Helen then bought another 65 coloured pencils.  How many more coloured pencils did Yvonne have than Helen in the end?
2. An open-air concert ticket for an adult was priced at $85.50. There were 150 more male adults than female adults for the first night concert. For the second night concert, the number of female adults was decreased by 15% and the number of male adults was increased by 30%. If there were 1270 adults in the second night concert, how much more money was collected from the sale of the tickets for the second night concert than the first night concert?
Please click the following link for suggested solution: Questions from Joelle 04.05.14

Questions from Daniel

23 Apr

1. Adeline went shopping with a sum of money.  She spent all her money in two stores.  In each store, she spent $18 more than half of what she had when she entered the store.

(a) How much did Adeline spend at the second store?

(b) How much money did she have at first?


2. At 8.30 a.m., a motorcycle left Town A for Town B travelling at 60 km/h.  1.5 hours later, a car left Town A travelling at 85 km/h.  The car overtook the motorcycle midway between Town A and Town B, and reached Town B first.

(a) Find the distance covered by the motorcycle when the car left Town A.

(b) What was the distance between Town A and Town B?

Please click the following link for suggested solutions: Questions from Daniel 23.04.14

P6 Maths Questions

20 Apr

Comment with your working steps and answers.

1. Amy, Brenda and Carrie shared a bag of 31 coins with a total value of $12.20.  The bag only contained 20-cent coins and 50-cent coins.  Amy received only 20-cent coins.  Brenda received 3 more coins than Amy and Brenda’s 3 extra coins added up to 90 cents.  Carrie received 7 more coins than Brenda and Carrie’s 7 extra coins added up to $2.60.  How much money did Carrie receive?


2. Ms Ho numbered thirty pupils by writing 1, 2, 3, … , 28, 29 and 30 on their name tags.

(a) How many digits did she write in all?

(b) She arranged all the thirty pupils to stand in a row, starting from Number 1 to Number 30.  Next, for every second pupil, she asked each pupil to sit.  Then, for every third pupil, she asked each standing pupil to sit and each sitting pupil to stand.  She followed the same pattern (which is to ask each standing pupil to sit and each sitting pupil to stand) for every fourth pupil, every fifth pupil, and so on till the 30th pupil.  How many pupils were standing after the whole process was completed?

Latest Update : Afternoon Mentoring and Exam Preparation

17 Apr

Dear Parents and Pupils,

In view of your requests for additional coaching sessions in preparation for the coming exams, Math Arena will be making our afternoon mentoring sessions available on more afternoons. You can now come in on:

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Time: 4pm to 5.30pm

Subjects: Primary syllabus Math; Secondary syllabus Math; Secondary syllabus Science

Fee: $50/session for Primary level ; $60/session for Secondary level

$25/session for pupils who are already in our Semester weekly classes


Pupils are strongly encouraged to bring the “nagging” questions to us so that our trainers can clarify all your doubts before they “snowball”.

These mentoring sessions are available by prior arrangement only. Please call our admin at 6783 3218/6781 9325 to register for a minimum of 4 sessions.

Email us!


Mentoring Session Dates

Tuesdays       April 22, 29, May 6, 20

Wednesdays     April 16, 23, 30, May 7, 14, 21

Thursdays     April 17, 24, May 8, 15, 22

Fridays          April 25, May 2, 9, 16, 23