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Bonus FRP Question for our Students

14 Apr


Nordin used 996 balloons to decorate a rectangular field. He placed each balloon, spaced equally from each other, to form the perimeter of the rectangular field. The number of balloons on the length of the field was 4 times the number of balloons placed on the breadth of the field. How many balloons did Nordin place along the length of the rectangular field?

Securing Video Conference Meeting Lessons

11 Apr


Teachers are teaching from home. We are using the pro version of the video conference service. We have put in place security measures to prevent uninvited intruders.

As we continue our lessons remotely, we hope the experience gets better and better. Do sign in to Google classroom by our invites.

Home Based Learning – All Levels

9 Apr


The pictures above are Matharena teachers conducting remote lessons. Now all are at home conducting lessons. We have incorporated Google classroom into our delivery.

Lesson worksheets will be placed there, answers to your extra queries will be uploaded and selected recorded lessons will be uploaded so you can review it again.

Lessons continuing remotely

3 Apr


We have started remote lessons on Saturday 28 March.

We have started with the upper primary and secondary students. It has been almost smooth sailing after the students and the teachers got used to Zoom. We will be exploring more tools and introduce more elements in our pedagogy. This will evolve in time.

We do appreciate feedback as to how we can improve the experience.