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NMOS Special Round Training Starts this Wed (17 Jul)

12 Jul

The list of students qualified for the NMOS Special Round 2019 (second round) will be released to all participating schools by 18 July. Please check with the respective primary schools on the Special Round qualifiers who will be invited to sit for a written paper in the Special Round at NUS High School of Mathematics and Science on 23rd July 2019 (Tuesday) at 3:30 pm. The duration of the paper is 1h 30min and it consists of 20 questions (4 marks each for Q1 to 10, 5 marks each for Q11 to 20).

Some instructions useful to candidates of the Special Round:

1. Write your answers in the answer sheet provided and shade the appropriate bubbles below your answers.

2. No steps are needed to justify your answers.

3. No marks will be deducted for wrong answers.

4. Unanswered questions will not get any marks.

5. No calculators or mathematical instruments are allowed.


Math Arena will be conducting NMOS Special Round Training for P4 & P5 pupils invited to Special Round of NMOS 2019.

Venue: Math Arena

(Tampines Street 45, Block 488B #B1-147, Singapore 521488) .

Bus 28 stops at Blk 489B ; Buses 28, 293 at Blk 489A ; Bus 29 stops at Dunman Secondary.

17 Jul (Wed)  7: 15 pm – 9: 15 pm

19 Jul (Fri)  7: 15 pm – 9: 15 pm

20 Jul (Sat)  9: 30 am – 11: 30 am

21 Jul (Sun)  9: 30 am – 11: 30 am

Course Fee: $320

Pupils who join the full course (all 4 sessions) will be entitled to these privileges:

  1. $30 Discount for this Special Round Training (for current semester’s weekly class pupils only)
  2. $30 Discount for 2019 Year End Holiday Program: P5 or P6 Fusion Math (full course only)

Other terms and conditions apply. NO make up lesson will be arranged.

This course will cover selected thinking skill questions of the following topics:

1. Factors, Multiples, Divisibility, Average

2. Rate & Speed

3. Geometry (Angles, Area & Perimeter)

4. Basic Counting Principles, Cryptarithmetic & Logic Puzzles

Our Opening Hours (School Term):

Mondays to Fridays 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Saturdays 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Should you have any enquiry regarding time schedule or course registration, please send us a text or WhatsApp to 8121 6628, or simply email to us at