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Sec 3 IP Maths Booster

10 May

This 5-day revision course involves clarifying doubts and misconceptions, spotting common mistakes and practising exam-related questions (suitable for IP students in VS & TJC). Exam strategies with tips will be discussed over the course of practice. Get ready to….

Revision each day by the following topic(s):

Day 1: Surds, Indices & Logarithms

misconceptions related to four operations on surds & logarithms, equations involving substitution to solve, challenging logarithmic questions involving surds, real-world questions involving logarithms

Day 2: Theory of Quadratic Equations, Quadratic Graphs & Inequalities

sum and product of roots, properties of quadratic graphs, graphical solutions involving inequalities

Day 3: Coordinate Geometry

distance between points, midpoint formula, ratio theorem and similarity concept, gradient of parallel and perpendicular lines, equation of straight lines, properties and area of regular figures

Day 4: Trigonometric Formulae, Identities, Equation Solving & Graph Sketching

angles in the four quadrants, use of basic angle to solve standard equations, manipulation of trigonometric formulae to prove identities and solve advance equations, properties of trigonometric graphs including graphical solutions

Day 5 (tentative topic): Graphical Solutions & Transformations

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When :

Monday to Friday  (19-Jun to 23-Jun)

Time :

10:00 am to 1:30 pm

Fee :

$650    – Get 10% E.B.D. when you sign up by 20-May 2017! Terms and conditions apply.