H2 Maths for Year 2s : Rev Up this June Holidays!

9 May


Use the June Holiday to revise for common test & prelims! 

This intensive A Level course will work on topics below with a concise summary.

The students will work on a variety of questions to get them ready for their exams in semester 2.

Topics for a 4 days intensive course

  • Day 1: Differential Equations & Applications

  • Day 2: System of Complex Numbers

  • Day 3: Probability, Permutations & Combinations

  • Day 4: Normal & Binomial Distributions, Sampling & Hypothesis Testing

On request — Optional additions: (Additional fifth day to include below)

-Scalar & Vector Products (Pure Maths)

-Correlation & Linear Regression (Statistics)

  • 19 Jun to 22 Jun – Mon to Thu @ 10:00 am to 1:30 pm

Latest Schedule on http://matharena-parent.calendarone.com/Mathematics_Fees_Schedule.aspx?termid=18

Fee : $640 (Get 10% E.B.D. for full course payment made by 20 May 2017)

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