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Sec 1 IP Maths Booster (12 Jun to 16 Jun 2017)

2 May

This workshop involves clarifying doubts, misconceptions, common mistakes and practising questions from Intermediate Level (level 2) to Expert Level (level 4).

Introduction involves advance teaching of a new topic and practising questions from Basic Level (level 1) to Intermediate Level (level 3).

Students are encouraged to bring their mobile devices for fun investigation with mobile apps that the instructor will use.

The topics are as follows:

1. Real Numbers (Revision)
– conversion of recurring decimals to fractions*
– simplification of complicated fractions*
– simplification of surds*

2. Factors and Multiples (Revision)
– prime factorisation of numbers
– fun calculator secrets for HCF and LCM*
– link with HCF and LCM of algebraic expressions*
– use in algebraic factorisation and algebraic fractions

3. Basic Algebra (Revision)

4. Algebraic Manipulation (Revision)

5. Algebraic Equations (Revision)

6. Number Patterns and Sequences
– Difference analysis*
– Systematic Techniques to get the General Formula*

7. Ratio, Rate and Speed (Look Ahead)
– Use of Table for Problem Solving*

Starred (*) items involved special techniques that may not be taught in schools, but will give students an advantage if they learn them.  Interested students from non-IP schools are also welcome to join the workshop.  

When :

Monday to Friday (12-Jun to 16-Jun)

Time :

10.00 am to 1.30 pm     OR     3:00 pm to 6:30 pm


$600 (Get 10% E.B.D. for full course payment made by 20-May 17)