Math Arena launches “Mobile Friendly” online Physics for our busy Sec 3/4 students.

9 Feb


Go to Physics Classroom on Learnbrill


Many students focus on getting help with their mathematics before considering other subjects. Our online physics courses can help our busy students get some help.

Use your time productively!

We cannot capture time but we can snatch it!  We can snatch these “lost” minutes whenever we are waiting or when we are travelling by learning from these videos on your mobile phones.

FREE for our students who sign up for Physics Mentoring (Book a minimum of 5 sessions)

Special for all our Math Arena students. If you sign up for the individual courses, it will cost you $510/6 months. The bundle value is $200/6 months. The special price offer is $100/6 months till End March 2017.

Who is it for?

There are 17 courses with over 1000 videos. The videos are suitable for those taking O level Pure Physics. It is also suitable for Sec 3 IP Physics students. For combined science students, many of the starting videos are suitable.

Coming up, we will be launching additional mathematics for our students.


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