2016 December Holiday Classes: Secondary 3 IP Math Headstart for 2017

28 Nov


What is the Sec 3 IP. Math Headstart about?

This course aims to provide  topics covered in the IP Mathematics syllabus. You will gain knowledge and critical practice to new topics in mathematics as well as revised the old.

This course is suitable for current Sec 2 students who are in IP schools. Students taking this class will need to be strong in their math fundamentals.

Day 1 Quadratic Theory

– factorisation (revision)

– completing the square (revision / reinforcement)

– quadratic formula (revision / reinforcement)

– graphs(revision / reinforcement)

– quadratic discriminants

– quadratic roots

– quadratic inequalitie

Day 2 Introduction Logarithms

– surds & indices (revision / reinforcement)

– rephrasing indices with logarithms

– logarithms with and without calculators

Day 3 Rules of Logarithms

– addition and subtraction rule

– power rule

– change of base

– problem solving

Day 4 Graphs of Exponentials and Logarithms

– shape of graph

– relationship between exponential and log graphs

– asymptotes and intercepts

* transformations (stretching, shifts, reflections)

IP Maths Head Start (14 yr)

Dates/Day: 19-Dec-16 to 22-Dec-16, Monday to Thursday

Time: 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Call us (tel: 6783 3218 / 6781 9325 / 8121 6628) or email to us (admin@matharena.com.sg) to enquire.

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