2016 December S4 Additional Maths Headstart for 2017

10 Nov

addmathWhat is the Sec 4 A. Math Headstart about?

This course aims to provide a quick revision of important Sec 3 topics covered in the Additional Mathematics syllabus, as well as commencing and building basics on the topic of Differentiation.

This course is suitable for current Sec 3 students who are offering Additional Mathematics as an academic subject.

What are the topics that will be covered in this course?

Topics covered:

  • Revision on basic trigonometry and trigonometric graphs
  • Further trigonometric identities (double angle, compound angle, R-formulae)
  • Trigonometric application questions
  • Limits and the gradient function
  • Differentiation (chain rule, product rule, quotient rule)
  • Equations of tangents and normals

(The content load is subjected to change, depending on the learning pace of the class.)

S3 Additional Maths Head Start (15 yr)

Dates/Day: 22-Nov-16 to  24-Nov-16, Tuesday to Thursday

Time: 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Dates/Day: 29-Nov-16 to  01-Dec-16, Tuesday to Thursday

Time: 10:00 to 1:30 pm

Fee: $345

Students who signed up with this course will also gain access to a comprehensive set of Add. Maths videos for self study and revision.


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