PSLE Science Final Sprint

12 Aug


What’s the focus?

  • Application questions
  • Challenging structured questions
  • Answering techniques & analysis
  • Clarification of common misconceptions

Who should attend?

P6 students who would like to improve on

their Booklet B performance.

How is the course conducted?

  • This program is designed with the intention to give students a final boost of science problem solving skills by attempting challenging science questions that require stable fundamentals of overlapping scientific concepts. Questions will place strong emphasis on the common misconceptions that most students will have.
  • Recent PSLE science trend suggests that there is an increased emphasis on questions pertaining to application and experiment scenarios. Students can expect to face many such questions. Students will also be reassessed on their ability to brainstorm relevant key words, providing them with a better understanding of delivering an answer that yields the maximum credit possible.
Day/Date Time Fee (2 sessions)
Saturday, Oct 1 &

Monday, Oct 3

4.00 pm to 6.30 pm* $180

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