Physics Booster For Sec 3 and 4

2 Jun

Below are the topics for which Sec 3 and Sec 4 students can join. Each topic will last for 3 or 4 hours per day.

Students face a big jump from secondary 2 to secondary 3 in their science topics. In school, core topics for Physics such as Kinematics, Forces and Energy are taught at the beginning of the year. Yet these topics can be more confusing than those taught later in the year.

The workshop is to address and resolve common issues faced by students. For example, students commonly face difficulty in understanding work done, potential energy and the transfers of energy. In addition, these topics are also inter-related with Kinematics and Forces. It is vital for students to get a strong foundation and not let their doubts linger.

This booster workshop is conducted topically, sign up is by topics.

Physics O Level Topics

  • Kinematics (3 hrs)
  • Forces and Turning forces (4 hrs)
  • Energy, Work done and Power (4 hrs)
  • Mass, weight and density; Pressure (3 hrs)

Classes will be small (maximum 5), conducted at the students’ pace.

3 hours : $90

4 Hours : $120

Suggested Dates:

14 June (Tue) : Start 2:00pm

15 June (Wed): Start 2:00pm

16 June (Thu) : Start 2:00pm

21 June (Tue) : Start 2:00pm

22 June (Wed) : Start 2:00pm

23 June (Thu) : Start 2:00pm


Register your interest by sending us an email: or whatsapp/sms (81216628) us.


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