Secondary 2 IP Math Booster (June Holiday 2016)

22 May


Week 3: 13 – 16 Jun (Mon-Thur) (4 days)

10am to 1pm

Fee: $420


Week 4: 20 – 23 Jun (Mon-Thur) (4 days)

10am to 1pm

Fee: $420

This Booster Program is for Integrated Programme students as well as Express-stream students with a high ability or interest in mathematics.  

Revise and master your math topics

* Topics include:-

+ Algebraic Fraction, Algebraic Manipulation (Change of Subject), Algebraic Equations

+ Indices and Standard Form

+ Linear inequalities

+ Basic Trigo

+ Quadratic graph and equation solving (depending on ability of students to accomplish the above)

Pupils who join this program will be entitled to these privileges:

1. $20 Discount Voucher for a full Semester 2 program in 2016

2. $30 Discount Voucher for Mentoring Sessions in Semester 2 of 2016

Call us at 6781 9325 / 6783 3218 or whatsapp us at 8121 6628 or email us at to to register your interest.



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