Lower Secondary Maths: IP/Express* Booster Program in June Holiday

5 May


Week 3: 13 – 16 Jun (Mon-Thur) (4 days)

10am to 1pm

Fee: $420


Week 4: 20 – 23 Jun (Mon-Thur) (4 days)

10am to 1pm

Fee: $420

This Booster Program is for Integrated Programme students as well as Express-stream students with a high ability or interest in mathematics.  

Revise and get familiar with the new language of Algebra and the algebraic method of mathematical problem solving and Number Patterns.

Revise and master the tricky algebraic skills of expansion and factorisation, manipulation, algebric fractions and algebraic equations.

* Topics include:-

  + Basic Algebra

  + Algebraic Manipulation

  + Equations in one unknown

  + Number Patterns

 + Expansion & Factorisation

  + Algebraic Fractions

  + Algebraic Manipulation (Change of Subject)

  + Algebraic Equations

  + Indices and Standard Form

Pupils who join this program will be entitled to these privileges:

1. $20 Discount Voucher for a full Semester 2 program in 2016

2. $30 Discount Voucher for Mentoring Sessions in Semester 2 of 2016

Call us at 6781 9325 / 6783 3218 or whatsapp us at 8121 6628 or email us at admin@matharena.com.sg to to register your interest.

Check this for Sec 2 IP Math Booster



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