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Fractions, ratio and percentages are fundamental to PSLE questions

21 Jan

ebdd6218f1547486b6969e946901f67aFractions, ratio and percentages are fundamental to PSLE questions. It also makes the  Singapore bar model method famous. However this can get quite complex at P6 if students continue to solve by drawing models.

Here are some tips as to how we approach such questions and at the P4 level, students at this level should be able to master this reasoning.

Let’s examine the statement : Jen had 2/5 as many stickers as Heather. The fraction given is a big clue. In a bar model, you would have drawn it such that there are 2 parts for Jen and 5 parts for Heather. We would say they have 7 units altogether. And since they have a total of 280 stickers, 1 unit will be 280/7 = 4o stickers.

Check out the tip and video solution here:

Learning Fractions, Ratio, Percentages — Fundamentals-1

Part 2 here

Welcome Back

11 Jan

A new school term begins.. are you ready?!

We look forward to seeing all of you back for more enjoyable lessons here at Math Arena (map)!

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