Rubik’s Cube Competition 2015

7 Dec


(above are prizes for the competition)

Dear Participants,

Thanks to the team from SG Cubers United, here is the Schedule for the events on 12 Dec 2015.

There are 2 rounds for 3x3x3 with final cut of 8 persons.

The rest are 1 round events.

Note the cut off time.

If a participant takes longer than the cut off time, he/she can finish the solve but will not have an average as he/she will not have another solve. Otherwise events may not complete in time.


Time                 Event                           Cut Off Time

1100-1130       Pyraminx       

1130-1200       222 (A)                                30s

1200-1230       222 (B)                                30s

1300-1345       333 (A)                               1 min 30s

1345-1445       Lunch     

1445-1530       333 (B)                               1 min 30s

1530-1600       444(A)                               3 mins

1600-1630       444(A)                               3 mins

1630-1700       444(B)                               3 mins

1700-1730       444(B)                               3 mins

1730-1745       333 Finals          

1745-1800       Prize Presentation 

Once again, thank you Bin Jie and your helpful team 🙂


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