Math Arena Rubik’s Cube Competition on 12th December 2015

1 Dec

Registration is now closed.

Calling all Rubik’s cube enthusiasts!

Join in our Rubik’s Cube Competition:

Date               : 12th Dec 2015 (Saturday)

Time               : 11 am

Location        : Math Arena Enrichment Centre, Blk 488B Tampines St 45 #B1-147 S521488

Registration fee of $5 to be paid on that day.

These are the event(s):







Competitors will have five consecutive attempts to solve the puzzle.

The timings for ‘Average of 5’ and ‘Best of 5’ will be separately used to determine the competitor’s ranking.

‘Average of 5’ is obtained by omitting the fastest and slowest of the five timings and then deriving the arithmetic mean of the three remaining timings.

‘Best of 5’ is obtained from the fastest of the five timings.


Competitors are encouraged provide their own puzzles for the competition. If unable to do so, they may borrow a puzzle from the centre.


A scrambler will apply the scrambling sequence to the puzzles. Puzzles will be scrambled using computer-generated random scramble sequence. Scrambling orientation of puzzles will begin with white face on top and the red face on the front.


Competitors will be allotted a maximum of 15 seconds to inspect the puzzle and start the solve. You may pick up the puzzle during inspection but must not apply moves to the puzzle. By placing both hands on the sensor unit of the timer, you may start the solve when the green timer light is on. You stop the solve by fully releasing the puzzle and then stopping the timer. You are responsible for stopping the timer correctly.

To date, we welcome following participants from various schools and institutions for taking time to join this competition. They are from:

1. South View Primary School – Alexander GZH, Aaron GWJ, Ethan S

2. Ngee Ann Polytechnic – Jazz LZW

3. Coral Primary School – Gordon C

4. Fairfield Methodist Secondary School – Isaac WCM, Janelle LJT, YWJ

5. ACS Primary – Nathanael T

6. Tanjong Katong Sec School – Zachary T

7. Singapore Polytechnic – Lester L

8. Anglican High School – Simon L

9. Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School – Aidan G

10. Nanyang Junior College – LCW

11. Raffles Institution – Dylan Isaac RHF, Isaac L

12. NUS High School – WCW, Ryan P

13. Temasek Secondary School – Wesley W

14. Woodgrove Secondary School – Alfred A

15. Catholic High School – Winston O, Markus L

16. Jurong Secondary School – Lydia C, Crystal G

17. Maha Bodhi School – Albert T 

18. Peicai Secondary School – Keith L

19. St. Andrew’s Secondary School – Daryl T

20. Xinmin Secondary School – MYY, Wilson L, TZJ, TYS

21. Tampines Junior College – TBJ

22. North Vista Primary School – Valerie L

23. Tao Nan School – Jed T

24. Bukit Batok Secondary School – SYL

25. Red Swastika Primary School – Daylen T

26. DeLaSalle Sch – Karol Loh

We want to make special mention of Mr. David Ang here….his company Cubewerkz is a supporter of this Rubik’s Cube Competition. Our scramblers and event helpers are from SG Cubers United, so thank you all!

Last Year Competition:

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