2015 Year End SPECIAL Holiday Programs

18 Oct

believeGetting a Head Start for 2016 this coming December School Holidays?

2015 Year End Holiday Program is the answer!



Strategic Learning Workshop

for Secondary School Mathematics


7 to 10 Dec 2015 (Mon to Thu) at 2pm to 5pm


14 to 17 Dec 2015 (Mon to Thu)at 9.45am to 12.45pm

Fee: $420


P6 pupils from Math Arena’s Semester 2 classes are entitled to a $20 Discount Voucher when they join this workshop.

This course is for all students who have just completed their PSLE as well as for current Sec 1 pupils.

Pupils going to/from Integrated Programme Schools will be given special mojo.

This workshop is to prepare pupils for the rigours of secondary school mathematics in Singapore… … and

instil in them the correct learning habits, examination tactics and mathematics problem solving skills.

Pupils can learn:

* the challenges secondary school students face

* Overview of various mathematics curricula

* Relative difficulty levels of various types of schools

* leveraging on your current knowledge

* managing your psychology: Coping with Competition, emotions

* forming good habits, attitudes : habits of mind, study skills

* planning, getting organised, metacognition

* the Ultimate Secret to conquering all maths problems

* deep learning, superficial learning and strategic learning

* Attitudes: Cultivating a Growth Mindset

* Self-Directed Learning: being resourceful

* reflection, learning from mistakes

* making sense: mind-mapping

As an example of strategic learning, participants will be taken through learning a Secondary One topic in depth.  

Pupils who attend this workshop can choose to also attend the Algebra Transition Workshop which concentrates on algebra learning.

To sign up, drop us an email at admin@matharena


2. Algebra Transition Workshop

Date: 7 to 10 Dec 2015 (Mon to Thu) at 9.45am – 12.45pm

OR     14 to 17 Dec 2015 (Mon to Thu) at 2.00 – 5.00pm

Fee: $360

P6 pupils from Math Arena’s Semester 2 classes are entitled to a $20 Discount Voucher when they join this workshop.

This course is for pupils who have just completed their PSLE and are looking forward to continue their formal education in a secondary school or an IP school.  Current Sec 1 pupils can also join in this workshop.

Pupils can learn:

*short introduction and history of Algebra
* why learn algebra
* learning the language of Algebra
* formulating equations
* Rules of Algebra: What you can and cannot do
* solving equations using algebra
* solving word problems using algebra
* the link between Algebra and other methods
* Faux algebra: Old wine in New Bottles?
* Psychology: comfort zone and inhibition
* how to learn the algebraic method effectively

3. ‘O’ Level Math Bridging Module

Date: 21 to 23 Dec 2015 (Mon to Wed) at 10.00am – 1.00pm

Fee: $270

For Sec 2 students who are looking forward to kick start Upper Secondary Math, this is the course for you!  Revision of core topics such as algebra and geometry in Sec 2 Math will be done in order to advance pedagogically into the basis of the ‘O’ level Math syllabus.  This course is suitable for students offering Mathematics and/or Additional Maths at upper secondary level.  Check out our blog at www.matharena.com.sgfor more details.

Details of the topics covered:

*Quadratic Expression Factorization

*Solving Quadratic Equation: by Graphical & Completing the Square Methods

*Quadratic Equation: Formulation & Theory of Roots

*Polynomial Expressions & Functions

*Indices, Surds & the Standard Form

*Basic Trigonometry

4. Head Start to ‘O’ Level Physics

Date: 14 to 16 Dec 2015 (Mon to Wed) at 2.00 – 5.00pm

Fee: $270

Suitable for: Prospective Sec 3 students offering Physics under Combined Science or Pure Physics in 2016

For Sec 2 students who are looking forward to kick start Upper Secondary Physics.  Notes, tips and the questions worked on will provide students with a stable start for the first school term.

*Course topics include Kinematics, Forces, Turning Effect of Forces and Energy

5. Android Programming Course

3 days of fun-filled programming course for pupils by Teacher James!

Date: 18 to 20 Nov (Wed to Fri) at 3.00 – 6.00pm

Fee: $150 (Normal Price is $250)

About Teacher James, the instructor:

James formerly worked at BT Global services and Accenture. He is a practising programmer skilled in a number of platforms and languages such as Java. Currently his interest is in education and mobile and web programming.


1) No coding experience required (advanced learners can also join this course where you will be directed to do a project, so let us know if you are already coding)

2) A good laptop (3 year old or newer) with Chrome or Firefox browser

3) An Android Hand-phone


1) A fun-filled 3-days course to learn mobile programming

2) At the end of the course, publish your app into Google Store

3) You will learn programming by programming simple apps and

4) Finally… design and build your own app

5) You will learn many programming principles

Hooray – Be on your way to become a big time programmer and entrepreneur and be the next Mark Zuckerberg!  We will furnish more details on our blog at http://www.matharena.com.sg.  Reply this email for enquiries or to register today!

6. DSA Advanced Science (Chemistry/Biology)

Date: 14 to 18 Dec (Mon to Fri)

Time: 2.00 – 5.15pm

Fee: $600

$528 for payment received by Mon, 26 Oct.

$570 for payment received from Tue, 27 Oct till Mon, 16 Nov.

A Science Hub Program that provides a competitive edge above the regular syllabus range to cater to different focal areas for high ability students.  Syllabus range covers general science at Secondary level divided into 2 partial modules: Chemistry/Biology (2015 Year End Holiday), and Chemistry/Physics (2016 June Holiday).

7. Lower Secondary Science Experimental Learning

About Mr. Peter Lim

Peter Lim has authored many well-received and popular physics and chemistry guide books for secondary schools. With over 20 years of teaching experience in Science, Peter has trained teachers and developed a comprehensive and exciting hands-on Science Programme for primary schools. Students under his tutorage have developed an understanding of science and naturally, this translates into better grades and accomplishments in classes and examinations.

Date & Time: To be Confirmed

Fee: $360

P6 pupils from Math Arena’s Semester 2 classes are entitled to a $20 Discount Voucher when they join this workshop.

Check out some videos of Peter Lim’s experiments in Sneak Peak Science in Motion Program in 2014!

8. Normal Holiday Program Schedule


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