Android Programming Course

5 Oct

3 days of fun-filled programming course for pupils… Teacher James. 

Date: 18 to 20 Nov (Wed to Fri) at 3pm to 6pm

or 8 to 10 Dec (Tue to Thu) at 2pm to 5pm

Fee: $150 (Normal Price is $250)

 About Teacher James, the instructor:

James formerly worked at BT Global services and Accenture. He is a practicing programmer skilled in a number of platforms and languages such as Java. Currently his interest is in education and mobile and web programming.


1) No coding experience required (advanced learners can also join this course where you will be directed to do a project, so let us know if you are already coding)

2) A good laptop (3 year old or newer) with Chrome or Firefox browser

3) An Android Hand-phone


1) A fun-filled 3-days course to learn mobile programming

2) At the end of the course, publish your app into Google Store

3) You will learn programming by programming simple apps and

4) Finally…. … design and build your own app

5) You will learn many programming principles

Hooray – Be on your way to become a big time programmer and entrepreneur and be the next Mark Zuckerberg! We will put up further details on soon. Call Math Arena or email us to register.


3 Responses to “Android Programming Course”

  1. matharena October 8, 2015 at 8:49 pm #

    Even if you are not a P6 pupil, you can also join this Android Programming Course… … so Jed and Lip Guo, you are welcomed to join in:-)

    • Haha3822 October 25, 2015 at 11:17 pm #



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    […] 3 days of fun-filled programming course for pupils by Teacher James! […]

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