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Mentoring sessions during September Holiday

24 Aug

Math Arena is opening more time slots for pupils who want to make good use of the September holiday to prepare for their coming exams.

As usual, we will be giving a very special rate for Math Arena’s current pupils who register for a minimum of 3 sessions. Otherwise, normal fee applies.

Pupils are encouraged to first do their own practices before coming in for consultation with our tutors. The sessions are most useful for pupils who do their part in practicing first and then bring up their questions to us for clarification.

If you are capable of doing self-study, you do not need to attend mentoring sessions.

We are keeping the group size small so as to give more attention to pupils who do require the extra help.

Mentoring sessions during September Holiday:

Dates:           7th to 11th Sep (Mon to Fri)

Time:            1 – 2.30pm or

                       3 – 4.30pm

Special Fee:                  

Math pupils joining Syllabus Math Mentoring: $30 x min. 3 sessions = $90
Science pupils joining Syllabus Science Mentoring: $30 x min. 3 sessions = $90


Normal Fee:                 

$50 per session for Primary Syllabus Math / Primary Syllabus Science
$60 per session for Secondary Syllabus Math / Secondary Syllabus Science

Question from Shruti

19 Aug