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Mentoring Season 3 is starting from 6th July 2015

23 Jun

Dear Parents/Pupils,
We will be making our afternoon mentoring sessions available to pupils who request for extra help.
Prior registration is necessary as we are limiting the vacancies.
A minimum of 3 sessions is required.

Time: 3pm – 4.30pm

July 2015 Aug 2015 Sep 2015
6 (Mon) 3 (Mon) 1 (Tue)
7 (Tue) 4 (Tue) 2 (Wed)
8 (Wed) 5 (Wed) 3 (Thu)
9 (Thu) 6 (Thu) 4 (Fri)
10 (Fri) 14 (Mon)
13 (Mon) 15 (Tue)
14 (Tue) 11 (Tue) 16 (Wed)
15 (Wed) 12 (Wed) 17 (Thu)
July 2015 Aug 2015 Sep 2015
16 (Thu) 13 (Thu) 18 (Fri)
20 (Mon) 14 (Fri) 21 (Mon)
21 (Tue) 17 (Mon) 22 (Tue)
22 (Wed) 18 (Tue) 23 (Wed)
23 (Thu) 19 (Wed) 25 (Fri)
24 (Fri) 20 (Thu) 28 (Mon)
27 (Mon) 21 (Fri) 29 (Tue)
28 (Tue) 24 (Mon) 30 (Wed)
29 (Wed) 25 (Tue)
30 (Thu) 26 (Wed)
31 (Fri) 27 (Thu)
28 (Fri)

Once again, we will be giving a very special rate for Math Arena’s current pupils who register for a minimum of 3 sessions. Otherwise, normal fee applies.

Normal fee :

$50 per session for Primary Syllabus Math / Primary Syllabus Science
$60 per session for Secondary Syllabus Math / Secondary Syllabus Science

*Current Math Arena’s pupils, this is what you pay:

Math Pupils joining Syllabus Math Mentoring:

$30 x 3 sessions = $90

Science pupils joining Syllabus Science Mentoring:

$30 x 3 sessions = $90

Normal fee applies for:

Math pupils joining Syllabus Science Mentoring:

$50/session for Primary level

$60/session for Secondary level

Science pupils joining Syllabus Math Mentoring : 

$50/session for Primary level

$60/session for Secondary level

Interesting Qn from a subscriber

18 Jun

This question is not too difficult if interpreted correctly.

A shopkeeper wants to pack some sweets into similar containers,If he packs 35 sweets in each container, he will have 150 sweets left. If he packs 50 sweets in each container, he will be short of 45 sweets. What is the smallest possible number of sweets the shopkeeper has?

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First Week of Our Holiday Program

11 Jun

We started our first week on the 8th of June. Here are some pictures . During break time, they worked on their Rubiks cube and we had time to take some pics. We will be adding more pics…: )






Secondary Maths Classes in June

2 Jun

We are opening maths revision sessions (and hopefully science…) this June holidays. Per session will be based on particular topics in the secondary maths syllabus with a seat capacity of only 3 or 4 (min. 2 pupils to start a session).  You may expect selected question analysis, concept elaboration and application in each session.  Sec 4s can expect topical questions selected from prelim papers (it’s just 1-2 months before prelims).  Do sign up early by arranging registration and payment with us before the sessions are occupied!  A session of the same topic may be opened for sign up on another day in June (subjected to our tutors’ lesson schedule).  For payment and registration, kindly send your enquiry to and upon confirmation and verification through payment procedure, we will register for you and you can just come for the session(s) on the date(s) assigned.

Disclaimer: Below is the schedule of the revision session (accurate as at May 26).  There will be updates every weekend so do save this link onto your phone (or any tech device) to keep up with the updates.