Special Module for Sec 1 & 2 pupils: Clear your doubts clinic on Algebra

22 Apr


Students may have basic errors when manipulating their algebraic problems. Even top students who once scored A-stars and those in IP program find themselves having difficulty and making “careless” mistakes because they may have some mistaken ideas or mis-conceptions. Unable to do difficult problems may be due to inability to handle simple manipulations. For those students aiming to take additional mathematics in Sec 3 & 4, it is highly essential to clear your doubts at the earliest. This is a coaching class suitable for Sec 1 and 2.

A pre-test will be given prior to the coaching.

Duration:         10am – 1pm (except Day 1: 10am – 1.30pm)

Fee:                    $210

Date:                  24 – 26 June 2015        (Wed to Fri)      

Max. pupils:        4

A new slot is opened for sign up!

Duration:         2.30pm – 5.30pm (except Day 1: 2.30pm – 6pm)

Fee:                    $210

Date:                  17 – 19 June 2015             (Wed to Fri)

Max. pupils:      4

Topics (1) Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of Negative Numbers; (2) Addition and subtraction of Algebraic expressions; (3) Indices; (4) Multiplication and division of Algebraic expressions; (5) Simplifying Algebraic fractions; (6)Expansion of Algebraic Expressions; (7) Factorizing Algebraic expressions; (8)Solving linear and fractional Algebraic equations; (9) Changing the subject of a formula; (10) Solving simultaneous linear equations,

Extra: *if the above is mastered, the topic below becomes less of an issue. (11) Solving Quadratic Equations by Factorisation, Completing the Square, and Quadratic Formula.

Call us at 6781 9325 / 6783 3218 or whatsapp us at 8121 6628 to sign up or enquire.


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