4 Mar

PSLE A* Achievers on 16 – 18 Mar (Mon to Wed), 3pm – 6pm


We will be conducting a 3-day intensive revision program to equip P6 pupils with the essential knowledge and skills for the all-important PSLE Math Exam. We will take the time to work on both short answer questions as well as challenging word problems.

Our trainer will review with pupils, the various strategies for problem solving, help them understand the concepts involved and reinforce key topics relevant to PSLE Math.


You can look forward to lots of teaching and explanations to bring about conceptual understanding, lots of practice and classroom discussions, so the sessions will not be a one-way street but will include individual learning as well as peer learning.  Kindly call us to inquire about P4 and/or P5 Problem Solving Heuristics class.

Advanced Math Skills will be taught in Fusion Math classes so pupils with higher ability can be stretched beyond their level.

Having a group of innovative and agile thinkers makes teaching and learning an energetic experience for both trainer and pupils. For pupils who are easily bored by the same drill in math, here they get to be challenged and engaged in learning many useful skills and knowledge ahead of their peers. Classes for P4 to P6 Fusion Math are available!  Kindly call us to inquire about P3 Fusion Math class.

P4 Fusion Math on 16 – 18 Mar (Mon to Wed), 10am – 1pm

P5 Fusion Math on 17 – 19 Mar (Tue to Thu), 10am – 1pm (preparing for NMOS in July)

P6 Fusion Math on 16 – 18 Mar (Mon to Wed), 10am – 12.30pm (preparing for SMOPS in April)

rightAngle_600px_0812_MariePlocharzFor March Holiday P6 Fusion Math classes, our main objective is revision of advanced solving techniques used to tackle math competition questions through closely-simulated mock papers (6 sets).  We are working on timing and alternative strategies to solve certain questions (in geometry, number theory) faster.  P6 students who have registered for the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS) are welcome to take on this 3-day course.

P6 Fusion Math students will be required to complete 3 sets of mock papers outside lesson time on their own:

-Mock paper A (given out after 6 Mar, to be discussed on 16 Mar)

-Mock paper C (given out on 16 Mar, to be discussed on 17 Mar)

-Mock paper E (given out on 17 Mar, to be discussed on 18 Mar)

Should you have query regarding the schedule or available classes, call us!

Office Hours:

Mondays to Fridays: 4pm – 9pm

Saturdays: 9.30am – 5.30pm; Sundays: 9.30am – 1.30pm

Phone: (Office) 67833218 / 67819325

You may also drop us a SMS / WhatsApp with your question at 81216628 and we will get back to you ASAP.

You can always email us too at .


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