Rubik’s Training Event by top SG Cubers on 17 March 2015 (Tue)

3 Mar

We are happy to announce that a few top SG cubers will be conducting Rubik’s training in Math Arena this coming March holiday! One of them holds 3rd place in this year’s Singapore Rubik’s Competition.

We thank them for being willing to share their passion in cubing with other cubers, which is one of the positive trait about the cubing community here.
These classes will be offered:

1. Beginners 3x3x3

2. Intermediate 3x3x3

How to solve the Rubik’s Cube faster?

An intermediate course for cubers who want to solve the cube faster after mastering beginner’s method.


Have some experience solving the cube using beginner’s method or other methods but want to solve it faster

3. How to solve 4x4x4?


The cuber is able to solve a 3x3x3 cube.

Besides Math Arena and the SG Cubers, Mr. David Ang of Cubewerkz is also a main supporter of this event. On that day, he will be giving very special offers for some speed cubes.

Training Offers

As part of the training offer, the following puzzles is offered at a discounted price:

4x4x4 Puzzles

  1. SS 4x4x4 $14
  2. Moyu Weisu $26
  3. Moyu Aosu $36
  4. Moyu Aosu mini $36

3x3x3 Puzzles

  1. Weilong $20
  2. Aolong 2 $25

Others at 20% off.

So call us at 6781 9325 / 6783 3218 or text us at 8121 6628 to register now and join in the event:
Date: 17th Mar (Tue)
Time: 1-3pm
Fee: $10

Deadline: Registration and payment must reach us by 13 March 2015 (Fri)

Payment can be made via i-banking to Math Arena DBS Current 054-902463-5.


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