Math Arena Rubik’s Cube Challenge – Feb to Mar 2015

7 Feb

We are having yet another competition for Math Arena pupils to pit their Rubik’s solving skills against time!

Come join us within the period of Feb to end March 2015.


1. You will have to use your own Rubik’s cube.

2. You will need a video of your solve and timing done in the Centre.

3. Previous winners are allowed to participate in this challenge.


Under 1 min 30s

You will get a chance to have a lucky dip (we will announce a special date in April to do this)

46 – 60s

You will get 50 stars

30 – 45s

You will get additional 100 stars

Under 30s

You will get another additional 100 stars

Here is an example:

Ethan solves with a time of 35s; he will get 150 stars.

At a later date, he solves with a time of 29s, he will get another 100 stars.

In total, he receives 250 stars.

He also gets a chance for a lucky dip in April.

So start practicing now and join in the competition!


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