Rubik’s Cube Competition Prizes (Dec 11)

5 Dec


Open Gift Stars Given
Best Time 1 Shengshou 5X5
Best Time 2 Shengshou 4X4
Best Time 3 Shengshou 4X4
Best Average 1 Nil 2000
Best Average 2 Nil 1750
Best Average 3 Nil 1500
Best Average 4 Nil 1250
Best Average 5 Nil 1000
Best Average 6 Nil 750
Math Arena Students Gift Stars Given
MA Best Average 1 Yu Long or Aurora 500
MA Best Average 2 Yu Long or Aurora 400
MA Best Average 3 Yu Long or Aurora 300
MA Best Average 4 Science Gift or Puzzle 200
MA Best Average 5 Science Gift or Puzzle 100
Helpers 2X2 cube

For the “Open” winners, stars awarded as prizes are to be exchanged for items on the day itself — Dec 11.


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