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Math Arena Rubiks Cube Award – First Round

29 Oct

Here are the names for the first round winners: (Click their names for their solves in youtube)

  1. Qi – Sec 1 (Sub 20s)
  2. Ethan Cheung – Sec 2 (35s)
  3. Keenan Cheung – P3 (1:21)
  4. Ethan Lim – P3 (1:43)
  5. Danish – P6 (1:49)
  6. Alphonsus – P5 (1:50)
  7. Wen Shao – P4 (2:10)
  8. Izen – P5 (2:15)
  9. Xavier – P5 (2:55)

Congratulations! 100 stars will be awarded to you! We will update the timings seen above if you have faster timings on video.

Next round, it will be the challenge round. Cubers will come together and compete sometime in mid December. Prizes are SpeedCubes and Rubiks Timer.

After that, Cubers prepare for the 2015 NUS challenge!

Here are Craigton and Bosco having a go at the cube.

Students’ Solving Rubiks Cube

29 Oct

Alphonsus (P5) solves the Rubik’s cube

26 Oct

P3 Ethan Lim Solves the Rubiks Cube

12 Oct

Sign Up for 2014 Year End Holiday Program today!

9 Oct

Looking for a head-start enrichment or syllabus lessons for your child?  Our Year-End Holiday Program provides preparation for your children in the upcoming academic year!

November 17 to December 19, Mondays to Fridays


Check out our Year-End Holiday Schedule at Math Arena now!

EBD for full courses only:

10% by 27 Oct 2014; 5% by 10 Nov 2014

Dear Parents,

Time flies. Days pass us by quickly. The holidays are almost upon us again. This means, it is time for fun and joy for our precious ones!

We are excited to invite you to participate in our Year End Holiday Programme. As always, our holiday programme is designed to bring passion in learning, inspiration in achieving, …. to your child.

PSLE A* Achievers

This course is a head-start class for P5 pupils going to P6 next year. Before the busy P6 year begins, they can start to learn skills to handle higher-order challenging problems during the holidays. The course also builds up students’ foundation in their P5 work.


Fusion Math

This enrichment course is meant for students who are keen to take on advanced learning in Mathematics, as well as to build a strong foundation in topics in line with Mathematics competitions.  Students will learn essential skills which are eventually useful for them as they tackle problems involving mathematical thinking.

Fusion Math P6

This programme is designed to enhance Math Olympiad skills in pupils who are interested to take part in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS) competition in 2015. This competition is organised by Hwa Chong Institution.

Fusion Math S1 / IP Mathematics

This course comprises two modules which cover the prominent topics in the lower secondary Mathematics/IP Mathematics (Integrated Programme) syllabus such as algebra and analytical geometry.  Click here to find out more about this course.

IQ Mathematics

14765This programme is meant for the younger ones (ages 7 – 8) to acquire numerical skills in a fun and lively way.  We have IQ quizzes to enhance pupils’ Mathematical intelligence and flexibility in thinking; hands-on activities to make math concrete and realistic, to understand geometric shapes and handle computations.

Science Program

Science classes are available for Primary 3 to 6 students. Our strength is in the content and delivery of the lessons in an engaging manner. Hands-on experiments will be carried out during holidays to build up pupils’ experimental knowledge.

DSA Advanced Science P6

This course is offered to prospective P6 students who wish to advance their learning in the Sciences.  Click here to find out more about the MOE DSA-Sec (Direct School Admission) Exercise.


At Math Arena, the content of the DSA Advanced Science (P6) course is divided into 3 phases (number of lessons and per lesson duration subject to change):

Phase 1: 2014 Year-End Holiday Program (5 lessons)

Phase 2: 2015 March Holiday Program (5 lessons)

Phase 3: 2015 June Holiday Program (5 lessons)

Interested to sign up for our weekly classes in the next academic semester?  Click here for the latest 2015 Semester 1 schedule!

2015 Semester 1 EBD for full courses only: 10% by 3 Dec 2014 ; 5% by 17 Dec 2014

Should you have any further query regarding registration or lesson schedule, please feel free to call us at 6783 3218 / 6781 9325 / 8121 6628 (SMS) or send email to us.

Our Opening Hours

Year-End School Holidays 2014:

Mondays to Fridays: 9.30 am to 7 pm

(closed on Saturdays and Sundays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day)

School Terms 2015:

Mondays to Fridays: 3 pm to 9 pm, except Wednesdays: 3 pm to 7 pm

Saturdays: 9 am to 5.30 pm and Sundays: 9.30 am to 1.30 pm

(closed on New Year’s Day, from Eve of Chinese New Year to CNY Day 4, March 21-22, Good Friday and Labour Day)

Preparing for Sec 1 Math…

8 Oct

For post-PSLE students: Looking for preparatory course in Mathematics?  The answer is Fusion Math S1 / IP Math <- Click this link to know more about the course syllabus!



What is Fusion Math S1 / IP Math?

The course is to prepare students who are keen to learn the Secondary Mathematics syllabus in advance, after their PSLE examinations.  Secondary Mathematics / IP (Integrated Programme) Mathematics syllabus will commence with algebra and analytical geometry knowledge.  The advance learning of some algebraic formulas, geometrical concepts and techniques will help students build a strong foundation in the subject.

keep-calm-because-math-is-funWho can participate in Fusion Math S1 / IP Math?

It is targeted at prospective Secondary 1 students (IP / Express) in the academic year 2015.

How is Fusion Math S1 / IP Math structured?

The course comprises 4 modules:

  • Module 1 and Module 2 comprise part of the IP schools’ Mathematics syllabus covered at the lower secondary level, suitable for both IP and Express students in advance learning. These modules will be conducted in 2014 Term 4 (October to November) and in our Year-End Holiday program.
  • Module 3 (2015 Semester 1) and Module 4 (2015 Semester 2) comprise topics in line for preparing students who are keen to participate in math competitions such as the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Junior Section). Module 3 will commence on 11 Jan 2015, every Sunday 9.30 am to 11.30 am.

October-November Schedule



 Year-End School Holiday Schedule




Year End Holiday Program EBD for full courses only: 10% by 27 Oct 2014 ; 5% by 10 Nov 2014

Sign up 2 modules at one go to enjoy 15% discount off total fees (full courses only)!  We accept cash, cheque or NETS at our admin counter only.

Questions regarding this course?  Feel free to call us during office hours at 6783 3218 / 6781 9325 or SMS / Whatsapp us at 8121 6628.  You may send us an email too!



Mobile Programming Course (Nov17-19)

7 Oct

Quite a few students have expressed great interest in wanting to join the course. However you need to write in to us ( and tell us your interest.

We have sent out a few invitations and we have stated that:

You will need to be able to self-learn as well as help others to learn.

The course will be conducted on Nov 17 to 19 at Math Arena. Timing will be from 2-5pm.

You will need to bring a laptop and an Android handphone.

During break time, you can work on your Rubiks cube if you like, so no playing of handphone games unless you make them yourselves.

To officially sign up, you need to get your parent to make payment of S$50 through bank transfer to DBS Current: 054-902463-5, please inform us when the transfer has been made.

After that, we will provide more instructions to prepare yourself before the course. In fact the learning will start even before we meet up!