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Mobile Programming Course (Android)

30 Sep

The mobile programming course designed for the pioneer batch is not a spoon feeding session where you as a student are waiting to be taught. In fact being a 3-day program, a very short time indeed, it is not just to introduce programming but it is to get you to learn by your own exploration and discussion and not just to be taught by someone else and also sharing what you know (which in turn you will be learning more.) All these are modern skills to be learnt in the age of social networking, collaboration and making oneself skillful and useful.

Based on feedback, we are looking at 12-14 (Wed-Fri) November for the pioneer batch.

What you will get to do is to first set up and familiarize yourself with the environment (laptop and android phone.) It is possible that before you come to class, you could have set it up first.

The basic principle for this course which is essence of good learning and especially so for programming is this:

Code a little (or build a little), test a little,  learn and repeat.

Note : App Inventor is a visual “building block” method of programming designed by Google engineers. It is now maintained by MIT . Do Google it.

More information here.

After 2014 PSLE — What do you plan to do?

30 Sep


PSLE is over … we are glad Maths was considered easy based on your feedback. After PSLE, you will be having fun and rewarding activities planned by the school and programs that you might join. Math Arena has Math and Science holiday programs. But we also want to be slightly different this year, to provide some fun and interesting activities.

Meanwhile if you are in Math Arena, Rubiks cube learning is ongoing. And if you are in our Mobile programming Course using App Inventor from MIT, during break and rest time, you are not allowed to play handphone games, but you may work on your Rubiks cube. We are thinking of fun and interesting prizes to be given out.

We are also looking at doing a fun Rainbow looming course, if there is enough interest.