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We Teach Secondary School Maths and Science

16 Aug

We made a small video on this:

Well Done Ryan Wan! Video with Animation Answering Qn 2

16 Aug

Ryan answers Qn 2 for the Math Arena Video Competition

Lip Guo solves a P6 Age Problem

13 Aug

Well done! Math Arena Video Contestants Answering Qn 1

10 Aug

Below are rare submissions on Qn 1:

Math Arena Video Competition: Ethan Lim Video on Qn 3

10 Aug

Happy National Day!

9 Aug

Dear Parents and Students,

There will be NO lesson today for all academic levels except Primary 6.  Our centre will be opened from 9:30 am to 2 pm today.  Tomorrow’s lessons will be as usual and all other classes on Saturdays will resume next Saturday, 16 Aug 2014.

Thank you.

William (P1) Solving a “Working Backwards” Word Problem

7 Aug