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And the Winners Are …

25 Aug


Final Winners List for Video Competition

1) Best presentation with Technical Skill -- Ryan Wan

2) Excellent Presentation on Difficult Concept -- Jing Ting
, Shah Chinmay

3) Popular Video --Cheng Jun

4) Videos  with Endearing Teaching Style -- Chin An,
Ethan Lim

5) The Enthusiastic Presenter -- Lip Guo, Cassie,

6) Good Presentations with clear explanation -- Lucas Lee, 
Ryan Teoh, Cheng Jun, Christopher Tan, Syna

Get Ready for your cool prizes ...

Questions from Tina Tran (Fractions and Ratios)

23 Aug

Q1. In a school, the ratio of the number of teachers who wear spectacles to the number of teachers who do not wear spectacles is 11:5. 2/3 of the male teachers and 7/10 of the female teachers wear spectacles. What is the ratio of the number of male teachers to the number of female teachers?

Q2. Melissa had 3/4 as many coins as Sheryl. After Melissa and Sheryl received another 48 and 4 coins respectively, Melissa had 1/5 more coins than Sheryl. How many coins did Melissa have at first?

Please click the following link for suggested solutions: Questions from Tina Tran 28.02.13

2014 Casuarina Maths Prelim Q15 (Speed Question)

23 Aug

Prelims are here. Do send us your papers, we will be solving them and adding it into our collection. This will be made available in

Primary 6 Question on Shaded Areas (from Lip Guo)

23 Aug

Adding 2013 PSLE School Papers and Video Solutions into

22 Aug

pastyear2013To help you prepare, we are adding more videos from 2013 Primary 6 Prelim school papers into We also uploaded 2013 exam papers into the portal so you can download it easily. The focus will be on Section C of the Prelim Papers. More coming up. So hurry Math Arena students and subscribers do login and work hard.

Math Arena Video Competition: Judging Has Begun

20 Aug













So many great submissions. We are now judging and prizes will be awarded soon.


Farewell Party For William (Returning to Korea)

17 Aug


A precious P1 boy, William, who heard of us from Korea, joined us to have daily lessons with Teacher Craigton for the past one and a half months. 

Farewell William, if we travel to Korea, we will visit you and eat the yummy Korean strawberries your mommy tells us about:)