Science in Motion

21 May

Math Arena will be conducting an experimental learning program: Science in Motion, on 25th May 2014 (Sunday). The key objective of this program is to draw students’ curiosity and abilities into a proper experiment class where they learn and utilize experimental skills to discover science concepts themselves, as well as to answer conceptual questions with proper techniques.
bar magnets1. Magnetism and electricity play important roles in our daily lives. Both are also closely related in many useful applications we see every day. Learn how you can magnetize a steel rule with 3 magnetic poles and use a magnetic north pole to attract another magnetic north pole. Charging and supporting a small battery unit becomes an easy feat when you understand how and why certain liquids and solutions are able to produce an electrical current, just like an electrical cell.


electromagnetismo2. Energy comes in several forms, one of which is heat. See how heat can be connected to some complex science phenomenon. Observe and explain why we can use our wet fingers to extinguish a candle’s flame without feeling much heat sensation on your fingers. Trace the knowledge you have to further depths using concepts taught in school to explain such phenomenon beyond the school syllabus.
Boiling Point3. Force and pressure can help us do work and hence, are also linked to forms of energy. Watch what you can do to ice and water at pressure lower than ambient pressure. There are several experiments you can perform related to atmospheric pressure!


Refer-to-a-Friend Discount!  Each participating student will receive a 10% discount.

Sneak-Peek Discount!  Students who have joined our March sneak peek on 2nd March will receive a 15% discount each.


Gross Fee: $110

Date, Time, Venue: 25th May 2014, 3 pm to 6 pm @ Math Arena


Students will be required to hands-on the experiments themselves and discuss answers on worksheets with their classmates in groups. Exams aside, a good learning habit is crucial to every student’s development in the future. Exams are merely complements to the learning journeys, putting part of their skills to the test. We want students to never stop learning given their strong passion in the science fields.


Should you have further query regarding the Science in Motion program, please do not hesitate to call us (6783 3218 / 6781 9325 / 8121 6628) during our office hours (Tuesdays to Fridays 4 – 9 pm, Saturdays and Sundays 9am – 5 pm).

Develop your child’s ability to learn skills and knowledge that will last long in his or her learning journey. Discover Science in Motion at Math Arena today!


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