Questions from Joelle

4 May

1. The ratio of the number of Helen’s coloured pencils to the number of Yvonne’s coloured pencils was 3 : 5 at first.  After each of them had received 45 coloured pencils, Helen had 5/8 as many coloured pencils as Yvonne.  Helen then bought another 65 coloured pencils.  How many more coloured pencils did Yvonne have than Helen in the end?
2. An open-air concert ticket for an adult was priced at $85.50. There were 150 more male adults than female adults for the first night concert. For the second night concert, the number of female adults was decreased by 15% and the number of male adults was increased by 30%. If there were 1270 adults in the second night concert, how much more money was collected from the sale of the tickets for the second night concert than the first night concert?
Please click the following link for suggested solution: Questions from Joelle 04.05.14

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