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MathArena Teachers Having Fun

19 Feb

Getai Try Out:

Behind the scenes… Watch Auntie Doris train the teachers to sing and dance so they can have another career after they retire …

Math Arena — “Hey Hey …Going to Battle” Theme

Science in Motion – A Free Sneak Peek Workshop

18 Feb

Learn science concepts through experiments 

2nd March 2014 (Sun) from 3 to 5 pm. For all P5 & 6, Sec 1 & 2 students. Register your interest in the Sneak Peek with us! 6783 3218 (Call), 8121 6628 (SMS)

Experience and Learn:

Carbon dioxide plays an important role in the production of oxygen in plants and also food manufacturing. Without CO2, we will not have bread, wine, sparkling water and coke. Explore fun experiments with CO2 and explore science concepts through the use of CO2!

  • See how the colour of a solution changes
  • Have you ever seen solid CO2 move?
  • Solid CO2  can float bubbles, make clouds and noises!

How’s pressure for pleasure? There is pressure in the atmosphere and in the water. The weather system is determined by it. Humans cannot breathe without pressure and our hearts cannot cause our blood to flow. But what happens when pressure is removed?

Experience and Learn:

  • Water in an uncapped bottle when overturned will not flow out
  • Can you stand on eggs?
  • The effects of “non-pressure”  can do to a balloon and marshmallow
  • Would a balloon burst on a bed of pins?


Examples of experiments:

Science in Motion March Holiday Program — 20th and 21st March 2014

17 Feb

Learn science concepts through experiments and strengthen your foundation in Science.

P5 & P6 Science in Motion
Date:20-21 March
Time: 10am-1pm
Fee: $240

Sec 1 & 2 Science in Motion
Date:20-21 March
Time: 2-5pm
Fee: $240


Attend the sneak peek workshop this Sunday, 2 March from 3 pm to 5 pm and enjoy 15% discount for the Science in Motion March Holiday program. Let’s learn Science the FUN way!

Classes This Week…

3 Feb

Dear Parents and Students,

We are closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Classes will resume this Thursday, 6 February. Do remember to attend your classes this week. Should you have any query regarding this week’s lesson schedule, please do not hesitate to text us at 8121 6628.

Our afternoon mentoring sessions are also opened on Thursdays, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm, prior to advance booking.


We hope you enjoy the festive season. May the year of the horse bring prosperity and luck to you and family!