Questions from Pranathi

13 Mar

1.      John planned to buy 12 shirts and 15 ties as Christmas gifts.  These items cost a total of $390.  However, John made a mistake by purchasing 15 shirts and 12 ties instead and had to pay an extra $30.  What is the price of each shirt and each tie?


2.      Mrs Chew bought some apples and gave half of them to Mrs Liew.  Mrs Liew bought some bananas and gave half of them to Mrs Chew.  Mrs Chew used 6 of her apples to bake apple pies while Mrs Liew used a dozen bananas to make banana split.  The ratio of Mrs Chew’s apples to bananas became 1 : 6.  Mrs Liew had four times as many bananas as apples.

(a)     How many apples did Mrs Chew buy?

(b)     How many bananas did Mrs Liew buy?

Please click the following link for suggested solutions: Questions from Pranathi 13.03.13


2 Responses to “Questions from Pranathi”

  1. Tina Hang Tran March 27, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    Question from Tina Tran

    Johnny had 85 bags with a total of 330 gold coins. The bags contained 2, 4 or 5 gold coins each. The number of bags with 4 gold coins was equal to the number of bags with 5 gold coins. How many bags of each types were there?

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