2013 March Holiday Program

27 Feb

Coming Up: March Holiday Classes, 18 to 22 March (Mon – Fri)

Look out for PSLE A* Achievers, SMOPS, NMOS, Problem Solving Heuristics, MOT, IQ Math, Science …

Dear parents and pupils,

Term 1 is almost ending. The March school holiday is a new season to take stock of our learning and preparation for the new term. We are conducting classes to boost up your skills and knowledge. There is an Early Bird Discount Scheme, do take advantage of it.

Programme Highlights:

PSLE A* Achievers class is suitable for all P6 pupils who are taking PSLE Math this year. We aim to equip pupils with effective methods to solve complex math problems.

We train pupils in higher-order thinking skills and teach them multiple approaches in handling challenging questions.

This March holiday, we are going to build up pupils’ confidence and help them watch out for common mistakes. They do need to cut down on carelessness to bring up results.


Advanced Math Skills will be taught in SMOPS and NMOS classes so higher ability pupils can be stretched beyond their level.

Having a group of innovative and agile thinkers makes teaching and learning an energetic experience for both trainer and pupils. For pupils who are easily bored by the same drill in math, here they get to be challenged and engaged in learning many useful skills and knowledge ahead of their peers.

For current P4 and P5 pupils, we are doing Problem Solving Heuristics. I do think that it is important for pupils to spend an intensive period during the March school break, to focus on building up a strong foundation in problem solving heuristics skills.

It is needful to take time to clarify pupils’ mis-conceptions and clear their doubts in active classroom discussions. Heuristics skills taught will help them to tackle the long questions in Booklet B.

The younger ones can join our IQ Math classes and MOT program. For IQ Math, concepts are taught in an active and concrete manner through quizzes, puzzles, games and a variety of hands-on activities.

In MOT, we conduct lessons with interactive slides that capture the attention of pupils so they can enjoy the learning process more.

P4 & P5 Science classes are meant to be active and experiential learning. The Science program from Science Hub is known for its effective and well-designed contents. Many pupils have benefited from it.

*If you need P6 Science, give us a call because we are doing a special class.

Call us!

Phone: (Office) 67833218 / 67819325

You can sms us with your question through our mobile: 81216628 and we will get back to you.

You can always email us too:  admin@matharena.com.sg


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