Questions from Xue En

8 Feb

Q1.     Jill had a book. She found that 723 digits were used to number the pages of the book. How many pages were there in the book?

Q2.     Study the series of patterns below and answer the questions that follow.


(b) Which series has a total of 169 squares?

Q3.     A red pole is 3/5 m long.  A blue pole is 1/6  as long as the red pole.  A yellow pole is 1/20  m longer than the blue pole.  Find the total length of the three poles.

(Give your answer in the simplest form.)

Q4.     Ryan had 21 packets of green and red marbles altogether.  There were 56 marbles in each packet.  The ratio of the number of green marbles to the number of red marbles was 2 : 5.  He repacked all the green and red marbles separately into packets of 15.

(a) How many red marbles were there?

(b) How many green marbles were left over after repacking?

Please click the following link for suggested solutions: Questions from Xue En 08.02.13


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