Questions from Cheyenne

3 Feb

Q1.     A cubical container A has edge 2 cm while another cubical container B has edge 4 cm.  What is the ratio of the volume of container A to the volume of container B?  Give your answer in its simplest form.

Q2.     In the diagram below, not drawn to scale, y = 55°.  If the size of x is 3 times the size of y, find z.


Q3.     In the figure, not drawn to scale, ABCD is a rhombus and BCE and CDE are isosceles triangles.  BCD = 100° and DCE = 124°.  Find ABE.


Q4.     Vivien, Megan and Beatrice were selling cupcakes for a fund-raising event.  Each cupcake cost $2.  Vivien sold half of all the cupcakes.  Megan and Beatrice sold the remaining cupcakes in the ratio 3 : 1.  Vivien sold 36 more cupcakes than Beatrice.  What was the total amount of money the three girls collected?

Please click the following link for suggested solutions: Questions from Cheyenne 01.02.13


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