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Questions from P6 Students

27 Jan


There were 300 apples in boxes A, B and C. Box B has 50% of the number of apples in Box C. Henry removed 1/3 of the apples from Box A, tripled the number of apples in Box B and added 40 more apples in Box C. Finally, the number of apples in each box became equal. How many apples were there in the end?

Please click the following link for suggested solution: Question from An Qi 27.01.13


68 craftsmen took 30 hours to make 500 bags. How long will the same group of craftsmen take to make 900 bags?

Please click the following link for suggested solution: Question from Wen Xuan 26.01.13


This year, Mark is 4 times as old as Ben. In 20 years’ time, Mark will be 14 years younger than twice Ben’s age. How old is Mark this year?

Please click the following link for suggested solution: Question from Faith 25.01.13

Post-PSLE Gathering 2012

23 Jan

Our end of year get-together with pupils who completed their PSLE in 2012 was held on 24th November 2012. Many pupils and parents (and some siblings too) turned up cheerily at the East Coast Park chalet.

In the late afternoon, under the shade of trees, there was a game of improvised “rounders” played with Mr. Damian’s frisbee! The rubberized kind that doesn’t hurt when it hit you, real cool stuff! I want one too.

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The contest was between the girls and the boys. Then it was students versus teachers. Parents, seated on benches, cheered from the side. Some protective ones shouting out “advice” to their “tweenies” – I call them “tweenies because they are 12 going on to 13 soon, almost a teenager, but not yet. Bossy-type pupils barked commands to their teammates; cool ones just played along and gave their best shot and tried not to commit any “strike”. Overall, it was lots of fun, laughter and sweat!

When evening came, it was time to feed our beloved guests! These included our dear colleagues from the other locations who came from far and wide to the east! At first, people were reluctant to make the first move at the food table…..until Ms. Persis called out a “Fastest Eater” contest. We had 5 winners, all boys! As always, Aunty Doris had prepared lots of prizes to give away.

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We also had the “Blow the Biggest Balloon” contest. “Helpful Awards” were given to pupils and their siblings who walked the extra mile with Ms. Persis to carry back litres of water to save the rest from dying of thirst! Hey, how come I don’t get a prize? Those who were sporting enough to do the Gangnam style dance moves were rewarded too!

It was fun for us teachers to see our students at play, doing sports, chatting away, enjoying themselves  (we usually see them working at Math or Science in classrooms). But the word “fun” really does not do justice to how I feel about my students. Having spent an intense period of time supporting them for that all-important exam, it is gratifying for me to see them achieve their goals and relax in the company of teachers and family. We were touched when parents came to tell us how much they appreciated our input into their children’s learning. We thank you for telling us.

These kids make my job as a teacher rewarding and purposeful. It can also be challenging because each child and family is unique and has different requirements. I do try to make my teaching and interaction intentional and at times, also spontaneous. I often “exhort” our teachers to do our work so that everyone benefits.

chalet photo.ed

Thank you all for coming to our post-PSLE party. Most of all, special thanks go to Damian, Doris, Bosco and Ann for organising the event and springing the “cake” surprise on all our guests! I knew something “fishy” was going on when Doris kept “chasing” me and the kids out of the area. As for me, I just turned up, eat my cake and write this post.


Question from Charles

22 Jan


In December, Anne, Betty, Cathy and Dina saved a total of $1267.  In January, each of them had an equal amount of savings when Anne’s savings was doubled, Betty’s savings was increased by $18 and Dina’s savings was decreased by $25.  If Cathy’s savings remained the same,

(a) what was Betty’s savings in January?

(b) What was Dina’s savings in December?

Please click the following link for suggested solution: Question from Charles 22.01.13

Questions from Vernon

16 Jan

1.    Chef Delicious bought an enormous tray of eggs.  At first, Chef Delicious used 312 eggs.  He used all the remaining eggs in the tray in 20 days, with the same number of eggs each day.  During these 20 days, he used 1/12 of the tray of eggs in 6 days.  How many eggs did Chef Delicious use in the 6 days?

2.    Harry and Ron collected some magic wands.  If Harry gave 1/3 of his magic wands to Ron, Ron would have 70 more magic wands than Harry.  If Harry gave 1/5 of his magic wands to Ron, Ron would have 10 more magic wands than Harry.  How many magic wands did Harry collect?

Please click the following link for suggested solution: Questions from Vernon

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