Question from Weekly Prized Science Hub Challenge (12 November)

12 Nov

Closing Date: 25 November 2012

Since young, Rayne has a big interest in automotive. He loves collecting various types of car miniatures, starting from racing cars, luxury cars, ambulances, and even military tanks.

To satisfy his interest, his parents brought him to visit their relative who works in an automobile service centre.

While walking around the place, Rayne found a lot of unused bald tyres in one corner.

Motivated by his curiosity, he asked an uncle, “Why were those tyres dumped?”

The uncle explained, “The bald tyres are not safe to be used. Hence, they must be changed regularly with new grooved tyres.”

(a) From scientific views, explain why the grooved tyres are safer to be used compared to the bald tyres (despite of the fact that both tyres are made of the same materials, have the same mass, and have the same volume of air).

(b)  While looking around the factory, Rayne was reminded of how the tyres of military tank are designed differently from the ones of racing cars. The tyres are bundled by sheets of metal.  Based on your knowledge about material, explain why metal is used.


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2. Phrase the answers correctly


1. Send your answer through PRIVATE FACEBOOK MESSAGE to Science Hub. The link : Science Hub on Facebook

2. Email your answer in the form of MS Word / PDF file to by November 25th!

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