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“Careless Mistakes” Part I — It is possible!

15 Dec

“Careless mistakes” seems to be a stubborn monster that haunts pupils all the time. It can be quite unrelenting in the exam hall as many parents can testify to that when they look at their children’s exam papers.

Parents do their utmost to remind their children not to be careless, yet “careless mistakes” continue to creep in, over and over again. Even the brightest kids are not spared. This makes us wonder, can careless mistakes be avoided at all?

We do think that “careless mistakes” can be reduced to the minimum. This takes hard work from the students, patience from the parents and special guidance from the teachers.

Are you facing the “impossible careless problem?

Muhammad Ali, a legendary American heavyweight boxer, once said, “…..Impossible is not a fact…..It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

Let’s have faith in helping your children become “careless-free”.